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  Agenda and Links to Replay on YouTube  Complete Meeting Playlist on YouTube: WAIUG Meeting – Welcome and Wrap-up by Thomas Beebe – Introduction to the Informix 14 certification exam – by Carlton Doe – Download Slides Creating C-UDRs for Informix…(Read More)

Informix Tech Talks: History of the Informix User Groups – Part 1 by Carlton Doe, Walt Hultgren, Cathy Kipp, Lester Knutsen, and Mike Reetz Part 1 – (1990 to 1995) We discuss early user groups, comp.database.informix and the Informix List and 1200 baud modems and getting together during a thunderstorm in Tampa to discuss starting…(Read More)

  Informix Tech Talks: Informix Large Table Operations by Ben Thompson Date: Thursday, May 27, 2021 2:00pm EDT Description: Many databases are getting larger as systems mature and organizations put more value on data. Size can present challenges for a DBA when making schema changes, especially where low downtime is a requirement. This presentation covers…(Read More)