IIUG Conference Sponsors Session Replays on YouTube

2021 IUG World Conference Sponsor Session Replays on YouTube

The videos on Youtube are replays from the 2021 IIUG World Virtual Conference by the Sponsors – See all Sponsors here – http://world.iiug.org/2021_sponsors/

The videos will be available on January 10, 2022

Opening Keynote with Arvind Krishna, IBM Chairman, and CEO

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/FzkLk1o8wvg

C02. IBM Community meets IBM Champions.

Everything you wanted to know about the IBM Community

Doug Moran, IBM

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/lprhsnQOqjk

C03. FOUR J’s – Genero: the 21st Century 4GL.

There are still many, many Informix-4GL legacy applications in production, driving major corporation’s core business processes. Seemingly frozen in time, these applications have not progressed in over 20 years creating a significant risk to the business. CIOs and IT Managers alike are frustrated they cannot take advantage of their true value and search in vain for alternative solutions to modernize. Solutions that prove too onerous and risky, given the millions of lines of code and the nature of the home-grown business processes that constitute these valuable software assets. This session will explain how we can help you to transform your IT headache into your business advantage. You will learn how we have dramatically improved the 4GL language for today’s modern development paradigms, and how you can use Genero’s Low-Code Development Platform – 100% compatible with Informix-4GL – to leverage your existing domain skills and software assets to develop new applications in double-quick time. If it has proven its worth to many billion-dollar, publicly listed corporations, and governments around the world, why wouldn’t it do the same for you?

Bryn Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer / Four J’s

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/LiHmcxQkaaI

B04. Informix Performance Tuning 38 years of lessons learned

In this session, I will revisit some of the standard monitoring and tuning techniques I have presented before, but updated with what I have learned in 38 years of working with Informix servers. We will also cover some new ground and metrics that have changed over the years.

Art Kagel, ASK Database Management

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/Q0_a3Z9p34I

C13. 4GL is dead, long live BDL!

BDL – Business Development Language is the backbone of Genero, a modern Low-Code Development Platform that is 100% compatible with 4GL. Please join us for a technical review to learn how we have liberated 4GL from its legacy constraints and evolved the language to incorporate modern paradigms such as polymorphism, RESTful services, responsive design, SaaS and mobile. Learn how you can develop state-of-the-art applications and protect the tens of man years that you have invested in code and domain knowledge.

Laurent Galais, USA & Canada Technical Support Manager / Four J’s

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/5pbMjRB8ZvM

IIUG Conference Wednesday Keynote by Dr Seth Dobrin


In this session, Dr. Seth Dobrin, IBM’s first-ever Global Chief AI Officer, will share how he created a human-centered framework to operationalize AI at scale. By sharing his experience in leading data and AI transformations for multinational companies, Dr. Dobrin will show how IBM uses this framework to address the most urgent challenges businesses face today around regulations, trust, and AI Ethics.

This methodology, rooted in the value of diversity and inclusiveness, enables teams to develop AI solutions that create value for the organization by aligning human needs to business intents. Over the session, you will hear how Dr. Dobrin’s strategy to AI enables both IBM’s customers and internal teams to generate value for the organization better, cheaper, and faster by developing trusted AI solutions through continuous delivery of concrete business outcomes.

Seth Dobrin, IBM Chief AI Officer / IBM

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/_AYMZlpuT5Y

A05. Making the most of Informix Primary Storage Manager

With Informix version 12, IBM introduced PSM, a replacement for the frustrating and slow ISM (Informix Storage Manager). In this performance boosted, streamlined, powerful storage manager Informix now allows the use of onbar to perform backups when you don’t have a commercial storage manager available. In this talk we will go over how to get set up with PSM, ways to migrate data, and how to integrate it with cloud based storage such as Amazon’s S3. If you still rely on ontape it may be time to take a look at your storage solution and see if it is time to use PSM for faster, more versatile and more flexible backups.

Tom Beebe, xDB Systems

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/MBLqTytXnCw

B06. Informix SQL Performance Tuning Tips

Understanding your application in how to tune SQL. Present case studies on how to improve SQL performance. Give examples of methods and tools used in tuning SQL. Utilize new features to improve SQL Performance.

Jeff Filippi, Integrated Data Consulting, Inc.

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/w5O5DDwdlXY

C06. Informix Benchmarks on Cloud Systems

How fast will your database run in the cloud compared to your hardware? After working with customers moving their databases to the cloud and testing our new Informix training systems, I will share observations and performance recommendations. I will also share results using the benchmarks from my Fastest Informix DBA contests. I found a 25% variance in performance on VM systems running the same benchmark 100 times, making it difficult to judge if a change improved performance or just time variance. Does this variance also apply to cloud systems? I will share some results from my testing on cloud platforms.

Lester Knutsen, Advanced DataTools Corporation

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/Ym4bdDx1I9A

C07.Querix – Cloud-Native development in 4GL

Querix offers you all the tools and services you need to transform your Informix 4GL applications to the next level.
In this sessions, we will show:
– Lycia in Kubernetes cluster(Load Balancing, Hot Deployment)
– Lycia extension for Web Based IDE (Basic Features, Remote Development, CI/CD, Remote Debugging)
– Web Services with REST API (4gl functions and apps as Web Service in a simple compilation)
– Lycia features(Reference, Json/Bson, RegExp, HashMap)

Hubert Hoelzl, Querix

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/fzgsmAaZooQ

C08. Extend your 4GL resources with Four Js Professional Services

Your legacy Informix 4GL application is critical to your business, but it needs modernizing. It’s too costly to rewrite and too honed to your business to replace with a packaged solution. You are at an impasse and doing nothing. Four Js Professional Services is here to help you make your users and management happy. We will modernize your 4GL app making it relevant in today’s world of browsers, RESTful web services, mobile apps, and cloud-based deployments. In this session, you will learn about the scope of our engagements and hear about projects that have transformed the fortunes of many 4GL applications.

Mike Folcher, WW Delivery Director, Professional Services / Four J’s

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/n5GAtZMH0po

B11. Happy Database=Happy Life – keep Informix up and running

Are you fed up with “No more pages” errors, and “Logical Log Files are Full” messages? Keep your system running smoothly by taking proactive action before problems occur! This presentation will cover some of the things to watch out for, and provide practical examples for monitoring the health of your database. Supporting databases for many customers over many years, and appreciating a good night’s sleep, Mike will share tips on things to watch for, and provide useful queries and commands to run against your system.

Mike Walker, xDB Systems

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/yB4IhdKW8Cs

C14. Developing IoT and Hybrid applications with 4GL: am I dreaming or is this really

44GL is known among our community as a great language for ERP and backend applications, but when it comes to cloud or more sophisticated environments like hybrid programming: end of the game!!!

In this sessions, we will show:

– how to use Lycia 4GL instructions and data types that will make it possible
– achieve solid and easily maintainable source code performing up and down access ( read SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE ) to hybrid Informix tables containing BSON/NoSql columns
– handle the program data with 4GL instructions you are familiar with
– although languages like JavaScript and Python are great languages, you will understand how NoSql/JSON data programming and execution have never been that fast

Eric Vercelletto

YouTube Replay: https://youtu.be/bFmte3z3yYM