Replay for April 2024 TechTalk -Data Integration between Watsonx data, IBM Informix and Siemens journey into the Metaverse” by Henri Cujass

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024

Enter the AI era with your Informix database.

As part of Siemens AG’s Industrial MetaVerse strategy, the first AI Informix applications (MvP) were developed in collaboration with Siemens key engineers, Deister Software developers and leolo IT Informix Consulting.

In an exciting presentation, Henri reveals the solution approaches and explains the architecture and tools.

Henri shows in detail the integration of Informix in and

The presentation is intended to motivate all Informix users to generate their first AI models based on their Informix database and to use them immediately in their business.

Henri positions Informix with for the new AI age: “After Informix IoT, we have arrived at Informix AI.”


SLIDE DECK – TechTalk-180424-1



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