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No one needs to ever use an open source database.  With Informix you can get a free download, and the best User group to help you use and support it.  The new out of the box configurations for version 12.10+ start up your instance with an excellent start up configuration. Informix Developer’s Edition…(Read More)

Learn the differences in features, functions, and pricing models across all Informix editions Carlton Doe 16th Edition, Last revised date: 3 April, 2018 A PDF copy may be downloaded from here. The comparison table in spreadsheet form is available here. Introduction Informix® is IBM’s premier database for high-volume online transaction processing (OLTP), embedded…(Read More)

Something is changing in Informix! Informix managers are going for a different release model based on modern paradigm: “release faster, develop better”. This year 2016 we’ve seen two releases of Informix products: xC7 and xC8. And more is going on, Informix wants to go to a “continous release” model. We’ll see if this…(Read More)

Long story short, systemd is a Service Control Manager present in CentOS 7, Red Hat 7, SUSE v12 and lately in Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions. Previously, Linux distros used System V based rc files or xinetd for service management but it seems to be greatly limited, so all the big Linux distributions are moving…(Read More)

Norfolk Door Latch, courtesy of Morris L. Hallowell IV

Recently a user posted a question to the IIUG Forums that I’ll paraphrase and explain here because I think that this is a subject that is generally not well understood: “I have an application that runs multiple sessions that each insert staging rows into a driver table, update the rows, use that data to…(Read More)

What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. No, I haven’t gone all proselytizing on you, I just want to make a point. Most of the “new” technologies that everyone is so hot to get into to…(Read More)