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Roger Sippl, ca. Aug. 1997
Roger Sippl, ca. Aug. 1997

Informix Corporation, originally named Relational Database Systems Inc., was created in 1980 by Roger Sippl. In 1986, The company changed its name to Informix Corporation and went public, raising $9 million.

In 1989, Phillip E. White took over as chief executive.

In 1996, Informix acquired Illustra Information Technologies, an object/relational database company.

In 1997, Informix was rocked by charges of accounting fraud and illegal insider trading.

In 2001, Informix sold its database subsidiary, Informix Software, to IBM, and renamed itself Ascential Software.

In 2005, IBM acquires the last bit of Informix, Ascential Software.

In 2017, IBM and HCL entered into a 15 year intellectual property license for Informix.


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