1. G’day.

    I am in the process of testing SAN disk clonning for 2 Informix instances (both have links to raw devices, same number of chunks, same size). My testing plan was:
    1. shutdown target instance (T)
    2. rm links for T (including the one for rootdbs)
    3. recreate links to point to the new disks that have been cloned from another source instance
    4. start target instance (T)

    When trying to start the target instance, it cannot be initialised as it cannot open the primary link which is the source instance rootdbs. It looks like it remembers the source rootdbs information somewhere.

    Would you please have any suggestions on where to change that information on the cloned disks?

    Thank you.

  2. Hey Sim – I’m not sure that this is the best place to post questions, but whatever. 🙂

    Do the LINKS to the target instance devices have the SAME name as the links to the source devices?

    Is the ROOTPATH in the Informix config file still the same as it was originally, and is it still valid (e.g. points to a device that is the clone of the original rootdbs?)


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