Two Tech Talks for 4GL Developers by 4Js

July 2022 Informix Tech Talk Replays

Informix TechTalk by 4JS

Title: Two Tech Talks for 4GL Developers by 4Js

From: Thursday, July 21, 2022

Title: Transforming Your System From Informix-4gl to Genero – The Many Options and First Steps By Reuben Barclay, 4Js

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Abstract: When transforming from Informix-4gl to Genero, there are many options available to you. Over 20 years of development effort has gone into the Genero toolbox, and it can be tempting to use all these new features at your disposal at once. In this presentation, Reuben makes you aware of the many tools in the Genero toolbox. He demonstrates the first steps in the different directions you can take with these various tools to make sure that you successfully add value as you transform from Informix-4gl to Genero.

Title: Wordle 4 Genero By Reuben Barclay, 4Js

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Download the Slides PDF here –

Abstract: Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by software engineer Josh Wardle who originally created a game for himself and his partner to play. It became a viral phenomenon, with millions of players playing every day. In this presentation, Reuben answers the question, “What if Josh had been a Genero developer and written Wordle using Genero? ” Reuben will demonstrate features and syntax that Four Js has added to Genero that show this would have been possible.

Speaker: Reuben Barclay –
Rest of World Principal Support Engineer
Worldwide Developer Relations Manager
Auckland, New Zealand

Reuben has been helping Four Js customers in the Asia Pacific area use Genero since 2008. Prior to that, he was the lead developer at one of the first sites in the Asia Pacific region to transform to Genero. He has two roles within the Four Js organization and you will also see him communicating with developers worldwide as the author of , coordinating the Worldwide Developer Conference ( , posting in our developer forums, and during Early Access Programs introducing the Feature of the Day.

He lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and in his spare time is an unpaid Uber driver / football match official to his 3 teenage children.




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