Replay for June IIUG Tech Talk on Lycia Low Code development platform by Hubert Hölzl from Querix

Informix Tech Talk: By Hubert Hölzl Querix on 6/22/2023 2:00 PM EDT


As an introduction to the Low Code approach using Lycia, we are going to demonstrate how the 4GL developer can provide to any existing and new programs all common application logics (display, input, insert, update, delete,…) with a form and a single line of code. This behavior can be customized further using a rich set of runtime properties, and we we will also show how the business logic can be added to the program without any training needed, using classic & enhanced 4GL coding techniques.

Bio:Hubert Hubert has been working in IT for over 35 years and started working for Querix in 1999. He graduated from the University of Salford-Manchester UK with a BSc in Software Development and has been working with 4GL tools and services for over 20 years. His main role in Querix is to look after customers, partners and to coordinate the different development projects on an upper management level. Hubert is currently the COO of Querix. Hubert lives near Munich, Bavaria, with his wife and 2 beautiful children. 

Replay on YouTube Link: