Install 4GL&SQL 7.51 with Informix 12.10

Since release of Informix Dynamic Server 12.10, some core libraries for IDS have changed their codebase version and features from the same libraries used in old 4GL & SQL Informix Tools.

This causes some issues if you try to install Informix IDS and Informix Tools in same directory, resulting in only one of the libraries installed and being incompatible with the other software.

This is the reason why I fully recommend to install Informix Tools in a separate directory from Informix IDS. This will allow more clear understanding of the libraries and core software used by each software and a better path to update this products.

Imagine you’re installing Informix IDS in one server and installing Informix Tools in a separate server. This is the point. But at the end, keeping both in the same physical server installation.

export INFORMIXIDS=/home/informix/
export INFORMIXDIR=/home/informix/TOOLS
export INFORMIXSQLHOSTS=/home/informix/etc/sqlhosts

#cp -n $INFORMIXIDS/msg/en_us/0333/* $INFORMIXDIR/msg/en_us/0333

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