Free Database Download-Informix

No one needs to ever use an open source database.  With Informix you can get a free download, and the best User group to help you use and support it.  The new out of the box configurations for version 14.10+ start up your instance with an excellent start up configuration.

Informix Developer’s Edition is a fully functional Informix database for the purpose of developing new systems. The DE version is realized for every new fix pack version of Informix.


IBM Information on Developer’s Edition:

Informix Innovator C is a scaled down version of the Informix Engine with the primary database functionality but without many of the advanced features like replication.  It is allowed to be used for any life cycle, development or production.

For more information on the Informix Family of products.

And if you want a Docker install go here:




  1. We bought Informix with our first “proper” computer – A Fortune 32:16 running Berkely Unix – in about 1985. It set our lives on fire. A few serial terminals around the office and everybody working – not fiddling – full time. It was not a huge investment and we wrote databases for various hotel management systems, the Royal Thai Navy’s maintenance program and our own shipbuilding program in ISQL and later I4GL. Then the PC turned up and everyone wanted graphical interfaces, IBM bought Informix, 386ix wasn’t up to much and quite suddenly there didn’t seem to be an entry level Informix we could afford or run. The horrors of Access and VB have scarred me for life. Can I go back to Informix again now? Please?

    1. You can use Informix Innovator-C version. It’s free “as in beer”. It has limitations but still much better than Access 😉

      1. Vincente, are you sure it’s still free? i just had a look at the link for “Informix Innovator-C version” and there is no free download button. just a “contact us for pricing” button.

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