IIUG Insider (Issue #277) August 2023

Highlights: Informix Service for Cloud Pak for Data 4.7.2 Just Released


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Message from the President

Hello Informix Family,

I hope everyone is doing well!

I wanted to let you know that the IIUG Board of Directors had a call with Al Martin and Alex Gorman, from IBM this week.  We discussed the upcoming IBM TechXchange Conference in Barcelona, January 22-25, 2024. IBM would like us to participate in this event. And, by us, I mean the Informix community.

I know you all are thinking, the IIUG chose not to participate in the Las Vegas TechXchange Conference 2023, and now they want to participate in the Barcelona event? Yes, it sounds crazy, but why not give it a try? IBM really wants “us” there!

Now, will the Informix sessions be selected for the TechXchange main event? I really don’t know, But, as a user community we need to step up and start promoting Informix ourselves. If IBM receives A LOT of submissions, maybe this will encourage them to promote our favorite product?  If Informix sessions are selected for this event, then maybe Informix users will participate, and we the Informix Family can meet and spend time together again!

So, I encourage all of you, especially the European Informix Users to submit a proposal for this event. To do so, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at cindy@iiug.org.

Best Regards,

Cindy Lichtenauer
IIUG Board of Directors – President




Informix Service for Cloud Pak for Data 4.7.2 Just Released

A new version of the Informix service for Cloud Pak for Data 4.7.2 was released at the end of August. This new release contains the 14.10.FC10W1 Informix server. With the 4.7.2 release, the Informix service continues to improve the integration with the overall infrastructure and includes various fixes.

For more information on what’s new in Cloud Pak for Data 4.7.2, check here.

The Informix service for Cloud Pak for Data 4.8 is in the works, set to release in Q4, 2023. We are working to add more out-of-the-box monitoring along with additional defect fixing. Stay tuned!

Karen Qualley



Informix Corner

Call for Speakers for TechXchange Conference EMEA in Barcelona 2024

The call for speakers closes September 15, 2023.  Sorry for the late notice on this. 

Title: IBM TechXchange Conference EMEA 2024: Community & Learning for Tech Experts

Date: 22-25 January 2024

Location: CCIB – Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona, Barcleona, Spain

We are asking for the IIUG Community to show support for the Barcelona event and submit topics related to Informix or any IBM product and how you can integrate Informix with that product.  As a selected speaker, you may also qualify for a free pass to the conference.

The IIUG has no control over the sessions selected. So, let’s see if we can overwhelm IBM with Informix submissions.  Let’s show IBM we are a strong user group. 

Click here for more information and to register your session. Get your sessions submitted today!

Rhonda Hackenburg
IIUG Board


Informix Developer Edition MAC OS port for Apple Chipset M1/2

The current and future Informix Development Edition and the Advanced Development Edition should be available under Mac OS apple cpu. (https://ideas.ibm.com/ideas/INFX-I-544)

The MacBook’s are very popular among pupils, students, and IT consultants. 

Run Informix Developer Edition 14.10  at actual MacBook’s will push the popularity and skills of this easy to use Database – like the SE Standard Edition in the past. 

By voting under https://ibm-data-and-ai.ideas.ibm.com/ideas/INFX-I-544 you can bring this idea to life.

Henri Cujass
IIUG Board


Informix Tech Talks on YouTube

Upcoming Informix Tech Talks

There will be no Tech Talks for September.

Rhonda Hackenburg
IIUG Tech Talks Committee


Last Informix Tech Talks Replay

Replay of the Last Informix Tech Talks: August 24, 2023:  Informix and OneDB, Paul Watson


Informix Tech Talks YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel now has:

  • 412 subscribers (13 subscribers since last month)

  • 100 videos (1 new videos since last month)

  • 12,389 views (760 new views since last month)

Informix Tech Talks YouTube Channel Videos

Past Informix Tech Talks Replays



In Search of Tech Talks Speakers

We are looking for additional speakers and especially any new speakers to share your Informix knowledge with our user Community via the IIUG Tech Talks. We will assist you in preparing for your Tech Talks presentation by prerecording your session. This will allow you to be available to answer any questions that come up in the chat during you presentation.

If you are interested in producing a 15 – 45-minute presentation, please contact either Bruce Simms or Rhonda Hackenburg for additional information.

Rhonda Hackenburg
IIUG Board



Informix Training

Free Informix Tutorials Videos – a step by step approach to using Informix Database Servers are available at https://advancedatatools.com/tech-info/informix-tutorials/


RFE Corner

IBM has an RFE – Request For Enhancements website.

Please visit the RFE site to vote for your favorite enhancements and place new requests. It is friendly and has a nice look and feel.



Enhance Password Validation failed message to include source IP

Add bloom filters similar to SQL Server

Add DB2 zigzap scan capability to Informix

Add DB2 jump scan capability to Informix

Add bitmap indexes

4GL Add Line Number to Character to numeric conversion error

Add Readonly Database Connection Support


Popular (Over 50 votes)


Obtain the query plan of a running query

Many times a DBA is called to check upon a slow process. Most of the times those processes are running a slow query.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if the query is using the best query plan or not. A DBA can reproduce the query, but it it was prepared without values or if the statistics were changed after it started there is no guarantee that the query plan seen by the DBA is the same as the running query.

We have “onstat -g pqs” which sometimes can give us a clue, but it’s mostly cryptic and undocumented. If a user has X-Windows he can try xtree, but it’s a bit strange for todays standards.

We also have SQLTRACE, but if it was not set when the query was launched it will not capture the info (and besides, due to the circular nature of the buffer it may not be there at the time we need it).

A simple pseudo-table in sysmaster could probably implement this with ease.

It could also be extended to support the “last” query plan making it easy to get the query plan in any tool

Votes: 106 (+1)

Created: December 24, 2018

Status: Future consideration


Informix should be able to change owner on tables and any other objects

If user=informix creates all database and all tables, then programmer creates table but user=informix cannot change it. Only drop it.

Votes: 103 (+1)

Created: December 24, 2018

Status: Future consideration


Backup Individual database, not entire instance

Need a mechanism, similar to ontape, to backup a live database (as opposed to entire instance), without locking it.

Votes: 91 (+0)

Created: December 24, 2018

Status: Future consideration

Gary Ben-Israel



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Strange Error -1215 under Informix 14.10 (but not 12.10)

Paul’s presentation on One-DB

Error -25582, what’s a reason of?

Gary Ben-Israel


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