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The following document was published by IBM on March 12, 2020. It describes the relationship and responsibilities between IBM and HCL regarding the IBM Informix product family of products – its ongoing development, support, sales and so on. IBM Informix and HCL A Partnership for Growth and Innovation Building on a history of collaboration between…(Read More)

Learn the differences in features, functions, and pricing models across all IBM Informix v.14.10 editions Carlton Doe First published: December 2007 20th Edition, published: October 2019 Last updated: March 17, 2020 A PDF copy may be downloaded from here. The comparison table in spreadsheet form is available here. For an archived view of…(Read More)

With the release of IBM Informix v.14.10, there is a significant change to how Informix is installed and migration occurs across different editions. Instead of separate binaries for each Informix edition, there is a single universal binary but edition specific license files which control which features are enabled. This allows customers to download…(Read More)