Santa gift is coming: IBM Informix 12.10.xC8 is almost out!

Something is changing in Informix! Informix managers are going for a different release model based on modern paradigm: “release faster, develop better”.

This year 2016 we’ve seen two releases of Informix products: xC7 and xC8. And more is going on, Informix wants to go to a “continous release” model. We’ll see if this is really possible.

In new, xC8, a new and important security feature has seen light: Encrypt storage spaces allows to encrypt fully an Informix dbspace. The data in encrypted dbspaces is unintelligible without the encryption key. Encrypting storage spaces is an effective way to protect sensitive information that is stored on media.

If you’re interested in complete new features release in 12.10.xC8 versión, visit: this IBM page.

Vicente Salvador

P.S. This is a blog section post at IIUG website, so this doesn’t reflect IIUG possition, but my personal position.

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