IIUG Alert (Issue #21) 19 April 2002

Welcome to the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) Alert! It contains time-sensitive material for the IBM Informix community.


  1. Blue Tuesday Anniversary Remembered – Details
  2. Register On-line Now for the Software Symposium 2002
  3. Special Message for all Informix Developers and Business Partners
  4. Downloads for Active Members Coming Soon!
  5. IBM Offers New Informix Today Newsletter!
  6. Popular IIUG Webcast Builds Confidence
  7. Early results of the latest Quick Survey on SIG list format
  8. Useful Links

Blue Tuesday Anniversary Remembered – Details

A year after the date, IIUG and IBM will commemorate the Informix acquisition with the following set of events:

On April 24th at 9 AM US PST, 12 noon EDT, 1700 GMT, Fred Hubbard, IIUG President and Managing Director will host Janet Perna, IBM Data Management General Manager, and Don Top, IBM Data Management Director of Engineering. Together, they will put the past 12 months in perspective and turn the page towards the future of the Informix community under IBM’s leadership and IIUG’s advocacy. Logistics are available now at www.IIUG.org.

Free Software Downloads
All IIUG members with an updated profile will be eligible to download a much anticipated database engine free of charge for Linux and Windows. Details will be announced at the Blue Tuesday Anniversary Webcast.

A new survey to gauge the state of mind of the Informix community will also make its debut on April 24th on the IIUG web site. Anyone interested in Informix products is welcome to respond. Aggregate results will be published by IIUG, along with a comparison with last year’s similar surveys of April and June.


Surprise for IIUG Members!
An over-the-top surprise for all IIUG members with current profiles will be available on April 24th. All in good fun and all about Informix. Don’t miss it! Attend the Blue Tuesday Anniversary Webcast to fish for details.

Register On-line Now for the Software Symposium 2002

Designed exclusively for the needs of our Customers and Business Partners, the IBM Software Symposium 2002 is focused on your software goals. At this event you’ll get first-class education on the constantly evolving world of technology and how you can use it for your own business advantage. Join us on 10-14 June 2002 in Vienna Austria!

As in our Technical Conference in the previous years, the Data Management sessions at the SW Symposium 2002 are the premier event for technical professionals responsible for implementing Data Management solutions. There’s a huge selection of sessions starting with pre-conference tutorials, followed by breakouts, workshops, open forum discussions and lots of opportunities throughout the week to network with IBM executives, developers and business partners at one of the many demo points and birds of a feather sessions.

There are more than 300,000 companies world-wide relying on IBM Data Management solutions. An update on our portfolio can show you how to join that elite group. You will find very interesting sessions on DB2, Informix and IMS database management systems, which have been highly successful because of their multi-platform multimedia or web-ready functionality. The need for faster and better decision making is critical in the business world today and the data warehousing sessions will show you how the IBM solutions in this area can leverage your company’s data assets. With Content Manager, you will manage easily unstructured content, including computer output, documents and rich media. If you are an Informix user, this Conference will show you the new functionality and development of this family of products as part of the IBM database solutions for information management which are open, scalable and fully extensible.

On top of this, the Software Symposium provides you with the opportunity to discover how the rest of the IBM software portfolio integrates itself seamlessly with the Data Management solutions, completes your IT infrastructure, helps you to get the competitive advantage required in the marketplace and meet the needs of the data management community.

Join us at the SW Symposium 2002 – June 10th to 14th at the Austria Congress Center in Vienna, Austria. To enroll or for more information, visit the Conference Web Site at:


Special Message for all Informix Developers and Business Partners

The IBM Informix Integration Team would like to make sure that Informix Developers and Business Partners stay connected to communications, technologies and announcements as well as events happening at IBM.

Whether you are simply looking for Informix software updates, or you are an IBM Business Partner searching for go to market opportunities for your Informix solutions, there are several IBM websites that can assist you.

DeveloperWorks: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/

The mission of developerWorks is to help you be a better software programmer, a more productive (and perhaps more rested, less stressed) coder. Product domains provide how-to information, sample code, downloads, tools and techniques for developers. Best of all, there is no charge to join and is open to anyone. We have created an Informix Developer’s Zone to provide you with the latest product news, software utilities and application updates. The Informix Developer Zone can be found here: http://www7b.boulder.ibm.com/dmdd/zones/informix/

PartnerWorld for Developers: http://www.developer.ibm.com

This website provides a single point of entry into IBM’s global resources for developers who build solutions using IBM technologies. As a member of PartnerWorld for Developers, you will have access to many no-charge benefits to help you get your products to market faster, lower your cost of doing business, and broaden your business opportunities. As a commercial member, you also have access to the Informix Developers Assistance Program located in the Informix resource center. This program offers no charge Informix software for the development and porting of your solution. More information on Informix resources for developers can be found here:


PartnerWorld for Software: http://www.ibm.com/partnerworld/software

This valuable resource supports your efforts to create new revenue and market opportunities by leveraging your unique relationship with IBM as a Business Partner. PartnerWorld for Software provides the industry’s most comprehensive e-business marketing, enablement and support program to help build your business. resulting in greater opportunity to realize growth, profitability, market leadership, and also receive unparalleled support and valuable rewards.

Downloads for Active Members Coming Soon!

The IIUG would like to thank Don Top, Nelson Androes, and their team for providing IIUG members with free Informix engine downloads. These downloads will be available soon to all active IIUG members who have completed or updated their membership and profile information in the last six months. The downloads will be FREE, single user, fully functional (except for the High Performance Loader) versions of IDS 9.3 for the Linux and Windows 2000 platforms.

Stay tuned for more details which will be forthcoming on this important benefit to active IIUG members.

IBM Offers New Informix Today Newsletter

IBM has launched registration for a new publication called Informix Today. This monthly publication promises issues with the latest offers, downloads, upcoming events, web based seminars and Infomix product news from IBM Data Management.

Register for their first issue at:


Popular IIUG Webcast Builds Confidence

The IDS, Foundation and Linux Roadmap Update Webcast played to an audience of more than 100 participants April 11.

This Web Cast answered some of the most commonly-asked questions about IBM Informix Dynamic Server, Foundation and the Linux Strategy. Steve Miller, Product Manager for IDS and Foundation, and Darren Hanson, Solutions Manager for Linux, joined IIUG Board member Ron Flannery to present product roadmaps and respond to IIUG member questions, concerns and suggestions.

Details on obtaining a replay of this important webcast can be found at:


Please note that the Webcast will only be available for replay until May 11.

Early results of the latest Quick Survey on SIG list format

Our latest survey asked the question: ” Would you be in favor of converting to the online format for the SIG discussion lists?” Approximately 56 per cent of the respondents favored the on-line format for discussion lists with 30 per cent opposing and the remaining 14 per cent responded by selecting “Does Not Matter”.

Plans for the next “Quick Survey” will be featured in the first bi-weekly issue of the IIUG Insider May 05.

Useful Links

  • Upcoming IBM US Conferences
  • Informix Page Within IBM PartnerWorld for Developers
  • IBM Informix Homepage
  • Recent Data Management Product Announcements
  • Informix News from IBM Data Management

Closing and Credits

The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is an organization designed to enhance communications between IBM and its worldwide user community. IIUG now has more than 13,000 members and enjoys the support and commitment of IBM’s Data Management division. Key programs include local user groups and special interest groups, which we promote and assist from launch through growth.

Sources: IIUG Board of Directors
Editors: David Smith and Ron Flannery, IIUG Board of Directors

For comments, please send an email to UG@IIUG.org.

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