IIUG Alert (Issue #20) 05 April 2002

Welcome to the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) Alert! It contains time-sensitive material for the IBM Informix community. You are receiving it because you are an IIUG member or a local Informix user group leader.


  1. Blue Tuesday Anniversary Remembered
  2. IDS, Foundation & Linux Roadmap Update Webcast – April 11th
  3. Four Js BDS (Formerly D4GL) Webcast Success & Replay Instructions
  4. Register Now for the Informix User Conference, 9-13 September 2002!!
  5. Newly Expanded Conference Offers Exhibitor Opportunities!!
  6. One Question Quick Survey Results and Next Survey
  7. Alert Publication Changes Planned
  8. New Informix Sessions at IDUG 2002 – North America
  9. Local User Group Corner – LUGS-A-PLENTY!
  10. InfoWorld Reports Analyst Firm Slams New Oracle Pricing Scheme
  11. Useful Links
  12. Closing and Credits

Blue Tuesday Anniversary Remembered

It was Tuesday, April 24th, 2001. The news had leaked out a bit, but for most of us it was still the biggest surprise:

IBM announced it was purchasing Informix.

Almost a year later, IIUG is readying a series of events that will commemorate this date and set our sites on the future, including a webcast with Janet Perna, IBM Data Management General Manager, and Don Top, IBM Data Management Director of Engineering. Additionally, IBM will make available to IIUG members with current profiles a set of software downloads that we expect will stir excitement.

Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars!

IDS, Foundation & Linux Roadmap Update Webcast – April 11th

Please join IIUG for a webcast that answers our most commonly asked questions about IDS, Foundation and the Linux Strategy.

IIUG Board member Ron Flannery will host Steve Miller, Product Manager for IDS and Foundation, and Darren Hanson, Solutions Manager for Linux. Together they will review product roadmaps, engage in Q&A and take input.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and provide feedback to shape the future of IBM Informix products!

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2002
Time: 9:00 am US Pacific Time
Duration: 60 minutes

For more details, please visit:

Four Js BDS (Formerly D4GL) Webcast Success & Replay Instructions

April 3rd’s Four Js BDS webcasts were a complete success. In all, over 80 individuals attended and the overall satisfaction rating was extraordinary. To learn how BDS can take your 4GL applications to the Web, you may replay the seminar. The appropriate links is provided at http://www.iiug.org.

Register Now for the Informix User Conference, 9-13 September 2002!!

As we reported in our last Alert, registration is now open for the Informix User Conference (IUC) in Anaheim, California, 9-13 September 2002. IUC is part of the larger IBM Data Management Tech Conference, providing attendees the opportunity to learn about the larger portfolio of software solutions.

For the latest conference information please go to:


— You have an option! Attend the 4 1/2-day Informix User Conference for $1,845 or the 3-day Informix User Conference for $1,395. Register before July 29th and receive the early bird discount of $150.

— IIUG members who have updated their profile by July 29th are eligible for a discount of $150 off the conference fee all the way until the day of the conference. (Please note. If you register early, you will not be able to receive both discounts.) To update your profile go to: /iiug/update_profile.html

— Tutorials will be presented on Sunday, September 12th. These will be either half-day or full-day sessions, and will be developed and presented by IBM Informix Education Services and Training. Tutorial sessions and pricing are still being worked out.

— IUC will include over 100 Informix breakout sessions, with 75% of them being new. As is now traditional, IIUG is driving content.

— Whether you attend the 3-day or the full 4 1/2-day conference, you may attend any session at the all-inclusive IBM Data Management Tech Conference, including Informix, DB2, and Business Intelligence (BI) sessions.

— Free unlimited Informix Certification testing will be available to all conference attendees. Standard examination retake rules will still apply.

— A special keynote address, especially for the IBM Informix community, will feature IBM Data Management heavyweights, Don Top, VP IBM Informix Product Development, and Don Haderle, CTO. Top will review the upcoming Informix offerings, while Haderle will provide insight into IBM’s next generation databases and tools.

— IIUG will sponsor our usual repertoire of special events:

  1. IUGLC Meeting for user group leaders
  2. “Meet the Developers” Night
  3. “Ask the Expert” sessions
  4. Interactive Roadmap sessions
  5. “Meet the Executives” session
  6. IIUG Annual General Meeting

— The IIUG Annual General Meeting will present the year’s report and plans for 2002-2003. Board of Directors election results, departing Board member recognition’s, and the IIUG Director’s Awards are also in the agenda. All conference attendees interested in IIUG activities and programs are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Newly Expanded Conference Offers Exhibitor Opportunities!!

IBM recently informed us that the IBM Data Management Technical Conference, consisting of the DB2 & Business Intelligence Conference and the Informix User Conference(IUC), will feature a combined Expo drawing the combined attendance.

Prospective exhibitors are encouraged to reserve their exhibit and sponsorship opportunities ASAP.

This larger conference will offer each of our partners the potential to reach out to an expanded IBM customer base in one venue at one price! IBM projects that these combined conferences will draw 1,600 attendees who will be attracted by the expanded curriculum that will consist of more than 400 elective sessions.

Numerous distinct topical tracks are planned such as: DB2 UDB for OS/390; DB2 Universal Database on Distributed Platforms; Informix Solutions; Application Solutions; and Business Intelligence/Data.

IBM said: “If you have exhibited with us before, you know that our EXPO is a true price performer that creates superior interaction with decision makers and influencers with a minimum of time invested. IBM utilizes various traffic builders to ensure that prospects visit the EXPO hall. Almost all of our hours are dedicated because they are coupled with receptions and luncheons. Dedicated hours offer you an event that is efficient and effective. It limits your staffing requirements and increases your profitability. By limiting hours, our attendees are more focused and can direct their attention to exhibitors who can fulfill their needs.”

“As you review our contracts on our web-site, consider being a sponsor! IBM has sponsorship packages that are enriched with heavily-discounted promotional items. Because of this, our sponsorship programs have been very popular. Sponsorships and all of exhibit booths are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, with conference sponsors receiving a priority.”

To reserve your exhibit space and buy a sponsorhip package, please visit the Expo page at: http://www.ibm.com/services/learning/conf/expo

One Question Quick Survey Results and Next Survey

PREVIOUS SURVEY RESULTS The first “One Question Survey” published in our previous Alert asked ” Do you agree that IBM is providing you enough information regarding Informix strategy, products and services?”

Approximately 60 per cent responded “Not Really”, 31 per cent responded “Somewhat” and 9 percent responded “Definitely”.

IIUG has discussed these results with IBM Data Management executives, who have already begun working to solve the identified deficiency. In fact, we were told that an electronic and hard copy Informix magazine should make its debut before June! Meanwhile, we suggest that you visit the following sites more often:

IBM Informix Homepage

Recent Data Management Product Announcements

Informix News from IBM Data Management

THIS ISSUE’S SURVEY 16 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are hosted by IIUG, in addition to the venerable Informix List, entirely via two-way email communication. While this medium has been pretty effective, it does not allow participants to benefit from searchable archives, nor avoid often-copious message volumes.

We are currently considering moving these SIGs to an online bulletin board, similar in format to a newsgroup, but only accessible by IIUG members.

We need your input! Please participate by going to: /cgi-bin/fglcl.cgi?survey2

Alert Publication Changes Planned

Responses to our request for feedback on our “Alert” name change and streamlining proposal were overwhelmingly positive so you should look forward to an “Insider” in your e-mail box starting April 19.

The “Alert” title will be reserved only for items of high criticality or time-sensitivity, which cannot be delayed.

While some of you said that a monthly publication would better serve your needs, most respondents told us that we should stay with our bi-weekly schedule.

We appreciated and considered the feedback from each member who volunteered valuable time to evaluate and respond to our proposed changes. Many thanks!

New Informix Sessions at IDUG 2002 – North America

The IDUG 2002 – North America DB2 technical conference, which will run 12-16 May, 2002 in San Diego, California, will feature new content which may be of interest to Informix users.

The conference offers a program specifically designed for current or transitioning Informix users who are new to, or are considering DB2, and who wish to understand IBM’s strategy and technology integration directions.

Eight technical sessions, including an optional full-day educational seminar, will focus on DB2/Informix Technology. These sessions will be presented from the perspective of Informix users, IBM’s senior development team, trainers and industry consultants.

If you are interested in attending this conference, you can register now at: http://www.idug.org/

Scheduled Informix sessions at IDUG 2002 – North America:
One-Day Educational Seminar
DB2 Concepts for Informix Users
Mark Scranton, IBM Informix Software
DB2 Platform: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows
Audience Level: Intermediate

Technical Sessions
I1. DB2/Informix Technology Integration Strategy
Patricia Selinger, IBM Silicon Valley Lab
Paul Taylor, IBM Informix Software
DB2 Platform: DB2/Informix Technology
Audience Level: All Users

I2. DB2 Architecture Review for Informix Users
Paul Brown, IBM Informix Software
DB2 Platform: DB2/Informix Technology
Audience Level: All Users

I3. DB2 Technology Review for Informix Users
Paul Taylor, IBM Informix Software
DB2 Platform: DB2/Informix Technology
Audience Level: All Users

I4. Informix and DB2 Extensible Database Strategy
Kevin Foster, IBM Informix Software
DB2 Platform: DB2/Informix Technology
Audience Level: All Users

I5. DB2/Red Brick Technology Integration
Rick Cole, IBM Informix Software
DB2 Platform: DB2/Informix Technology
Audience Level: All Users

I6. Replication in an Informix Environment
Madison Pruet, IBM Informix Software
DB2 Platform: DB2/Informix Technology
Audience Level: All Users

I7. Informix-to-DB2: Transitioning Considerations
Ed Mullikin, Santa Clara University
Mai Anh N. Pham-Ky, Santa Clara University
DB2 Platform: DB2/Informix Technology
Audience Level: All Users

Local User Group Corner – LUGS-A-PLENTY!

The month of March, 2002, saw the resurrection of local user groups in Colorado and Chicago, and the first time meeting in Tidewater, Virginia. These in addition to meetings of the old faithful in Washington DC, New York, Arizona, Switzerland and Detroit.

For the next few weeks, the meeting schedule rivals the previous month!

April 5 St. Louis Informix User Group, Missouri, USA
April 12 Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Informix User Group, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
April 15-16 Nordic Informix User Conference 2002, Stockholm, Sweden
April 17 German Informix User Group Workshop, Stuttgart, Germany
April 17 N. Texas Informix User Group Meeting Dallas, TRexas, USA
April 19 Kansas City Informix User Group, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
April 26 Greater Philadelphia Informix User Group, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
April 30 New England Informix User Group, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
May 1 Informix User Group of Northern California, Menlo Park, California,USA
May 3 Carolinas Informix User Group, Charlotte, NC, USA
May 8 Mexico City Informix User Group Meeting Mexico City, Mexico
May 14 S. California User Group Meeting Costa Mesa, California, USA
May 22 Colorado Training Day Denver, Colorado, USA
May 23 Memphis Informix User Group Meeting Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Visit IIUG’s web site events calendar for the up to date schedule at:


InfoWorld Reports Analyst Firm Slams New Oracle Pricing Scheme

Oracle Data Warehousers with large servers and few users would be severely impacted by a new Oracle pricing scheme according to a consulting firm’s report featured in an article posted recently in InfoWorld. The full article may be viewed at:


Useful Links

  • Upcoming IBM US Conferences
  • Informix Page Within IBM PartnerWorld for Developers

Closing and Credits

The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is an organization designed to enhance communications between IBM and its worldwide user community. IIUG now has more than 13,000 members and enjoys the support and commitment of IBM’s Data Management division. Key programs include local user groups and special interest groups, which we promote and assist from launch through growth.

Sources: IIUG Board of Directors
Editors: David Smith and Ron Flannery, IIUG Board of Directors

For comments, please send an email to UG@IIUG.org.

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