IIUG Alert (Issue #1) June 14, 2001

This is a brand new publication by the International Informix Users Group. It is short, sweet and time-sensitive. Our objective is to keep you informed of the latest and most time-sensitive topics on a more regular basis than our standard quarterly newsletter.


  1. Second Opinion Survey
  2. More IUC News
  3. IIUG Board Elections

Second Opinion Survey IBM/Informix

It builds on our first IBM/Informix survey to help us more fully understand what we need to do to strengthen our Informix community in this transition period. Your input is very important and we hope you will take the two minutes it takes to respond. Find it now at: www.iiug.org

More IUC News

This year’s Informix User Conference is currently being organized with IIUG participation. Of key interest to you:

  • It will demonstrate how users will leverage IBM’s robust financial standing and commitment to protect their Informix investments and accelerate technology innovation.
  • It will bundle specialized tracks, sort of mini specialized conferences, for Informix partners and for large scale data warehousing.
  • Keynote speakers will include Janet Perna, head of the IBM Data Management Group, telling our users and partners that IBM is committed to the Informix products that they use to run their companies.
  • Product road maps will show that Informix products have healthy and attractive futures that users can plan around.
  • IIUG will host its now traditional Ask The Expert sessions.
  • Conference sessions will show attendees…
    • How to make best use of Informix products
    • How to use additional Informix products to do their jobs and run their businesses better
    • How to use IBM technologies in conjunction with Informix products
  • It will be an international event. None of the content will favor one part of the world over any other.
  • There will be hard copy of all presentations available for those who find it easier to follow when the key points are in print.

For more info, visit /events/iuc.html.

IIUG Board Elections

We are receiving nominations to elect IIUG Board of Directors for the term 2001-2002 through June 30. If you have a track record of involvement with Informix user groups and a passion for our Informix community, please consider nominating yourself or someone you know who meets this criteria.

For additional info, visit: Nominating Committee.


Sources: IIUG Board of Directors
Editor: Rob Vorbroker, Vorbroker Consulting, and IIUG Board Member
For comments, please e-mail to ug@iiug.org

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By Vicente Salvador

Board member since 2014, a user since 1989 and Informix fan. I'am software architect which allow me to combine technical and business skills.