IIUG E-News, May 2001

International Informix Users Group (IIUG)
Volume 6 – May, 2001


II. IIUG NEWS AND EVENTS: Nominations for the IIUG Board, User Confeence 2001, State of the IIUG Server, and Local User Group News and Upcoming Events.
III. BOARD NEWS: New President, IIUG Board Meeting
IV. INFORMIX NEWS AND EVENTS: IBM Purchase of Informix Software, Informix Stockholders Meetings and Votes, Red Brick Certification.
V. CLOSING AND CREDITS: Subscriptions, Request for feedback & credits.

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Dear IIUG member, the IIUG Board of Directors entrusted me the presidency of IIUG last month. Sudhir Nair stepped down due to increased professional commitments, which impaired his ability to lead this motley group of volunteers. Sudhir’s leadership will be missed, although his contribution will continue within the Board. I am honored and very proud to serve as IIUG President and will work with the enthusiasm and passion that I genuinely feel for the organization and its membership.

During the past few weeks, IIUG thrusted into high gear to Understand the potential effects of the announced purchase by IBM of Informix Software, the Database Company. It is our mission to represent our membership, and therefore our tactical objective has been to protect your investment and interest in Informix technology. An encouraging success is IBM’s commitment to financially support IIUG through at least year-end, while we work together to evaluate a more permanent form of relationship.

A summary of our recent actions includes continuous and frequent updates via e-mail and web, conference calls between Informix and IBM executives, our Board of Directors, our leadership council, and the membership at large, an opinion survey launched April 26, and a new survey currently posted at http://websurveyor.net/wsb.dll/3431/IBM2.htm.

You may have already seen the white paper produced by IBM on their intent regarding the Informix product portfolio. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so at your earliest opportunity:


Simultaneously, we have been working hard with Informix on the beginning of what we expect will be a highly successful user conference in Las Vegas, from October 22nd through the 25th. I certainly hope you can attend and we can meet personally at one of many IIUG events already planned.

We are working hard to make this newsletter as useful and informative as possible. It and our web site are our main communication vehicles, so we hope they serve you well. If you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: FredH@IIUG.org.


Federico (Fred) Hubbard
IIUG President

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A. WANTED: More Nominees for the IIUG Board of Directors

Thank you for the great response since the last newsletter! We have 8 new nominees at this time!!! The enthusiasm from around the world was greatly appreciated. Please keep those notes coming in and consider running for a board position or nominate someone that you believe can serve you well. The cut off for nominations is June 30, 2001.

So, if you are an Informix user and have creative ideas for the success of the IIUG, please come forth and take advantage of this opportunity to lead. Because the IIUG is an international organization, we are VERY interested in non-US members.

For more information about the process, please refer to Nominating Committee

To nominate yourself or others, please contact one of us in the nominating committee. For biographies of current board members, see Board

Thank you!

Sounia Nejad Chaney
IIUG Board Elections Committee – Chair

B. User Conference News – Paul Mosser


The User Conference is scheduled for October 22-25, 2001, in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada! The conference will be held at the beautiful MGM Grand Hotel. Besides the fun, this conference will be packed with information that you and your organization can use to leverage your Informix investments. IIUG has already started working with Informix to ensure that this user conference meets YOUR needs for the latest product plans, technical tips-n-tricks, and truly useful session content.

IIUG Events Planned for the User Conference include:

  • Sat. Oct. 20: IIUG Board of Directors Meeting
  • Sun. Oct. 21: IUGLC Meeting (local user group presidents or Representatives)
  • Mon. Oct. 22: Tutorials & Welcome Reception
  • Tue. Oct. 23: Conference Begins
  • Wed. Oct. 24: IIUG Annual General Meeting
  • Thu. Oct. 25: Conference ends. IIUG Board of Directors Meeting.

For more information…

Paul Mosser, IIUG Board Member and President of the Arizona Informix Users Group is leading the IIUG IUC committee, supported by James Edmiston of the Washington DC users group, and Bernd Langer, of the German users group. If you have suggestions or if you’d like to help, please email us at events@iiug.org.

Please note that www.Informix.com doesn’t have a lot of info yet. Registration, costs, travel, content, etc. are still being worked out. Our expectation is that by July 1st we should see a barrage of information coming our way.

C. State of the IIUG Server – Stuart Litel

It’s almost here! The IIUG server, after weeks of trying to get our T1 line, we are now starting to put the server back together. With the help of Advance Data Tools plus numerous others, the IIUG server should be back and fully operational in the next two weeks.

We are also working on a member’s only area. This will allow members of the IIUG to change their own membership information, as well as subscribe to our various e-mail newsletters and the Informix-list (comp.databases.informix). Be advised that ONLY members of the IIUG will be able to subscribe to these mailings when this goes into effect, but since membership is free, we encourage all those who receive mailings to become members.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please send them to webmaster@iiug.org

D. Local User Group News

Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Local User Group – Rob Vorbroker

The Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Informix Users Group (OKI-IUG) held a meeting on Friday May 11th, 2001 at Fidelity’s offices in Hebron, KY. Approximately 20 OKI-IUG members and 10 Informix/Ascential representatives attended the event. Rob Vorbroker, IIUG Board Member, lead a Q&A concerning the IBM Purchase of Informix Software. Peter Huber discussed Data Warehousing and gave a short demonstration on Red Brick, Mike Peternell gave a demo on Data Stage and discussed the U2 Databases offered by Informix. Special thanks to Dawn McGuire, User Group Program Manager, for her support arranging speakers, etc.

Nordic User Conference 2001 – Claus Samuelsen

The Informix Nordic User Conference 2001 took place in Copenhagen May 7th and 8th. The conference was a two days event. INUC is a cooperative effort of the user groups in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

This year’s conference had a fantastic timing and with Jim Foy as one of the key note speakers the attendees got a very good first hand information on what is going on between Informix and IBM. With a very late change of agenda, we were also able to get IBM’s Nordic Manager for Data Management, Anders Landstr•m, to speak at the conference.

With key note speakers in both mornings and two tracks with technical presentations and user stories in the afternoons the 70 attendees had two very good and informative days. You can find the full agenda at the Danish User Group’s web site www.ibdk.dk/seminar/nuc2001a.htm Most of the speakers’ presentations will be available as links in the agenda within a short time. In a week or two also a large photo series from INUC 2001 can be found on IBDK’s web site.

Europe, Middle East & Africa User Group President’s Meeting – Fred Hubbard

Hannover, Germany, was the site of our reunion on May 9th. Bernd Langer, founder of the German Informix Users Group and IIUG Board member since 1997 organized it with Informix’s support. In attendance were Claus Samuelsen of Denmark, Mark Isepponi of Switzerland, Eduardo Tapadas of Portugal, Chokri Terzi of Tunisia, Bjorn Gustavsson of Norway, Julio Aspiazu of Germany, and Dewald Vorster of South Africa, Dawn McGuire, Manager of Informix’s User Group Program, and Fred Hubbard, IIUG President.

The meeting’s objective was to strengthen the user group communities in EMEA by fostering the information exchange among its leaders, IIUG and Informix Software. In effect, we arrived at a better understanding of IIUG resources and purpose, a stronger connection between Informix and the area’s user groups, and an extended network among the area’s user group presidents. Jurgen Gillmann, head of IBM’s Data Management Solutions for EMEA also visited us and provided perspective on the announced acquisition deal.

E. Upcoming Local User Group Events

For a complete list of IIUG & LUG events check the Events section on the IIUG web-site at www.iiug.org. Current highlights are:

Carolina’s Local User Group Meeting – June 7th 1-4PM

The Carolinas chapter of the International Informix Users Group has scheduled its second 2001 meeting. The Carolinas Informix User Group is an organization whose charter is to provide opportunities to network with other local Informix users and to provide a medium for education, information sharing, training and problem assistance. Meeting will be held at Charlotte Chamber Duke Theatre, 330 S. Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information or to RSVP contact abills@informix.com or call 704-542-7707.

Danish User Group Meeting – Claus Samuelson

IBDK will be holding its annual general meeting June 12th at 5 p.m. hosted by the Danish Informix office in Birker—d. Contact Claus Samuelson at claus.samuelson@informix.com for more info.

Washington DC Area Local User Group Meeting

Meeting will be held at the Crystal City Hilton in Arlington,VA and is planned for June 14th 8:30AM-4:15PM. Contact is Nick Nobbe at nnobbe@inetmail.att.net for more info.

New York City Local User Group Meeting

Meeting is planned for June 15th. Contact is Stephen Gellis of Informix in NYC at stephen.gellis@informix.com for more info.

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A. New (Old) President of IIUG

Due to increased job responsibilities both in the US and Europe, which left him unable to participate at the level necessary of the role of IIUG President, Sudhir Nair, stepped down as IIUG President and the role has been filled by vote of the Board of Directors on an interim basis by Fred Hubbard. As many of you know Fred previously served in this role with distinction from March, 1998 thru July 1999. Sudhir Nair will remain on the Board of Directors for the remainder of the current term.

B. IIUG Board Meeting – July 14th-17th, 2001 Toronto, Canada

The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) board of directors will meet in Toronto, Canada on July 14th-17th, 2001. The IIUG Board is made up of 11 volunteers from the IIUG Community and one representative from Informix (see Board). This meeting was one of three face-to-face sessions that the Board has each year.

The IIUG Board regularly meets to review the goals and objectives of the organization, to plot strategies as to how we can better serve our members, and to determine how we can better foster communications between Informix and the IIUG Members.

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A. IBM and Informix Corporation Sign Agreement For Sale Of Informix Database Business To IBM

IBM and Informix Corporation announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for IBM to acquire the assets of Informix Software–Informix’s database business–in a cash transaction valued at billion. For the complete announcement and related articles go to http://www.informix.com/informix/blue/

To submit your feedback on the acquisition, please visit http://websurveyor.net/wsb.dll/3431/IBM2.htm

B. Dates of Informix Stockholders Meeting and Votes

June 4 is the date of the annual stockholders meeting; June 8 is the date of the special meeting of the stockholders to consider and vote upon the sale of the database business and to consider and vote upon the approval of an amendment to the corporation’s restated certificate of incorporation to change the name from Informix Corporation to Ascential Software Corporation.

C. Red Brick Certification

Demonstrate your Red Brick expertise by becoming an Informix Certified Red Brick Administrator. Becoming certified will ensure your Red Brick administration skills are up to date and meet the demands of today’s market.

The Informix Certified Professional Program is pleased to now offer certification for Red Brick Decision Server Version 6. Available for both NT and UNIX platforms, Red Brick certification offers you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge about Red Brick Decision Server as well as continue to fine-tune your skills as a systems administrator.

To help prepare for this certification, the Informix Certified Professional Program recommends two training classes: Informix Red Brick Decision Server Administration (#L1-920) as well as Informix Red Brick Decision Server Performance Tuning (#L2-791). For course descriptions or to register for these classes, visit www.informix.com/training.

Red Brick certification ensures that system administrators are proficient in all areas of administering an Informix Red Brick Decision Server database, including building, loading, indexing, and monitoring the database. Certification will also ensure knowledge in the areas of data storage, security, and troubleshooting. Get started by visiting www.informix.com/certification, where you can read about valuable certification benefits, suggested study methods, testing locations, and registration procedures.

For further information or to register for the System Administration for Informix Red Brick Decision Server Version 6 Exam, please visit http://www.informix.com/informix/training/courses/certific/reg.htm or contact certification@informix.com.

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The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is an international organization that is designed to enhance communications between Informix and its worldwide user community. The IIUG now has over 10,000 members and receives major support from Informix. We also help with the creation and growth of local user groups.

If you do not wish to receive future editions, send an email to ug@iiug.org with the words “UNSUBSCRIBE enews” in the text of the message. To delete your record from the IIUG database, send an email to ug@iiug.org with the words “DELETE iiug-membership” in the text of the message.


Sources: IIUG Board of Directors
Editor: Rob Vorbroker, Vorbroker Consulting, and IIUG Board Member
Assistant Editors: Ron Flannery, One Point Solutions, Lead

Author of The Informix Handbook and IIUG Board Member

Contact: ug@iiug.org or Dawn McGuire at 650.926.6762

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