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Advanced DataTools are pleased to announce a 2020 Webcast series for Informix DBAs: “Informix Tutorials”. They will discuss configuration, disk layout, backups, performance tuning, and high availability disaster recovery implementation. The Informix Webcasts are based on over 30 years of experience managing and tuning database systems. The webcasts will be presented by Lester Knutsen, Art…(Read More)

IIUG Awards


IIUG Directors’ Awards Winners Year IBMer Non IBMer 2018 Scott Picket Tom Beebe 2017 Sandor Szabo Bruce Simms 2016 Shawn Moe David Link 2015 Al Martin Anatol Vishon 2014 Anita McKeithen Hrvoje Zokovic 2013 Dr. Ambuj Goyal Andrew Ford 2012 Scott Lashley Dr. Mirta Baranovic 2011 Kim Non Liew Cathy Elliott 2010 Bruce Weed Tom…(Read More)