Informix Tech Talks by the IIUG

Three ways to capture data changes when they happen!

by Art Kagel

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2021, 2:00 pm EST

Title: Three ways to capture data changes when they happen!

Description: Informix supports three technologies that we can use to capture changes to our data as they happen:

  • The Change Data Capture API
  • Push Data Triggers (aka Smart Triggers the Java API for Push Data Triggers)
  • Asynchronous Post Commit Triggers

The Webcast is a survey of the three methods.

Bio: Art Kagel is a consultant working in the areas of database design and administration with a concentration on server performance. He has been working with Informix products since the first SQL release in 1983. After over fourteen years filling various roles for Bloomberg Corporation, Mr. Kagel returned to consulting in 2007, mainly supporting organizations using Informix database, but also accepting other projects in database management, database architecture, and data based applications design and development. Mr. Kagel is a recipient of the International Informix Users Group’s (IIUG) Directors’ Award and has been named an IBM Champion for Information Management by IBM Corporation thirteen times through 2021. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the IIUG and on the Rutgers University Big Data Advisory Board.

Art S. Kagel, President, and Principal Consultant
ASK Database Management

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Informix SQL Performance Tuning Tips

by Jeff Filippi


Date: Thursday, March 25, 2021

Title: Informix SQL Performance Tuning Tips

Description: Learn how to improve your Informix SQL statements to optimize performance on your Informix Database system.

Bio: Jeff Filippi, Integrated Data Consulting, LLC

I have worked with Informix products for 30 years and specialize in Informix. I have had my own company for 20 years working with customers on Informix.

Jeff FilippiĀ 
Integrated Data Consulting, LLC

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