What’s Happening in Informix world -July, 2015 Newsletter

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What’s Happening in Informix world – July, 2015 Newsletter
IBM Informix
Informix on the Leader board among databases in the G2 Crowd User Reviews G2 Crowd helps you compare the best Relational Databases Software products. You can compare products on the Grid, or by selecting any of the products for a side-by-side comparison.
Click Here to submit your review for one of the most passionately followed relational database server
Basic Text Search – Now available on more platforms With IBM. Informix. version 12.10.xC5, the powerful and flexible Basic Text Searching feature is now available for Linux on IBM Power Series and IBM zSeries machines. Read more on Platform Availability here.
An Irresistible Licensing model for Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) and Business Partners (BP’s) IBM brings an irresistible licensing model to the Independent Software Vendors and Business Partners of today. Break the shackles and enter into the Application Specific License (ASL) model, that provides with more flexibility and control to negotiate with customers.
Know more about ASL and hear the success story from Misys
Customer Success Stories
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Hildebrand’s Energy Hive now have 8,233,047,446 readings and going strong! Hildebrand’s energy-montoring solution using .IBM .Informix. enables real-time analysis of households’ electricity usage!
8 Billion plus readings so far and counting
c.-DRS : Data Retention made Fast, Secure and Reliable Data Retention Server (c.-DRS), an integrated solution to manage customer data and call detail records, is based on IBM Informix 12 and provides a high performance and scalability, loading billions of CDRs at 10,000+ records per second.
To know more, get in touch with Markus Michels, Managing Director, Cedros.
Technical Features and Support
Appropriate Content: Informix Documentation Team Besides setting Session Environment Variables to control the current session, with IBM. Informix. 12.10.xC5, you now have a lot more control over session resources, where in, you can set configuration parameters to limit all sessions and prevent blocked transactions.
Want to try out IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA)? A just under 5 minute video shall help Informix Users to get started with Informix Warehouse Accelerator, inclusive of configuration. A sneak peek into the video shall take you through Installation & configuration of IWA, to get you started on managing your In-Memory Data Warehouse
Requests For Enhancements (RFE) Enforce your influence on the product development by Requesting, Suggesting and Voting for new features or enhancement of existing ones, on IBM’s RFE Site.
Log in with your usual IBM ID, choose “Information Management” in the Brand dropdown box and “Informix Servers” or “Client Products” in the Products dropdown box.
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Top 5 reasons why enterprises must have an IoT strategy As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes ubiquitous, it also becomes something enterprises must embrace if they’re hoping to stay leaders in their industry. The IoT promise is a big one, but it’s also one with many challenges that require a strong strategy. Get to know the Top 5 reasons why enterprises must have an IoT strategy
Balancing creativity and pragmatism with product line engineering Engineers are pragmatic, often acknowledging that reusing something that is known to work is easier than creating it from scratch. Companies that best support innovation are likely those that solve problems in new and better ways than were used previously, giving those companies preference in the marketplace, leading to higher revenues and.you know the story.
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