IIUG Insider (Issue #161) – November 2013

Highlights: Informix full enterprise edition is running on an ARMv7 device

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On Sunday November 3, I attended a NoSQL session at the IOD conference. This was the first time ever an Informix technical session had more than 250 attendees. I guess the fact that the name Informix was not mentioned in the title helped. But still it was impressive to see so many non-Informix people staying for the whole presentation even though it covered the unique Informix capability to work with hybrid relational and NoSQL paradigms. For me the best moment was the last question asked:

Q: We have DB2 on Z will this work for us?

A: No. But Informix works on Z Linux.

Gary Ben-Israel
IIUG Insider Editor

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Informix full enterprise edition is running on an ARMv7 device

Shaspa is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable customers to visualize, monitor, manage and optimize their environments. Informix is part of Saspa’s bridge and can collect data from home devices and replicate it to an Informix grid. At the IOD Kevin Brown created a demo of Informix working on a small ARMv7 device. Needless to say, no other database has this capability.

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New for IIUG 2014! Complimentary iPad Mini, Nexus tablet or Conference Pass for ALL User Speakers!

The IIUG Conference Planning Committee is currently accepting presentation proposals for the conference which is to be held April 27 – May 1, 2014 at The JW Marriott Hotel, Miami, Florida, USA. Registration is open now. Go to www.iiug2014.org for more information. This is a smaller hotel than we’ve used in previous years, so we’re sure the room block will sell out EARLY. Area hotels are quite expensive, so register soon! Some folks already have, and as usual, there are early-bird discounts for you non-procrastinators out there.

The purpose of this note is to encourage you, one of the many loyal members of the Informix community, to volunteer to speak at the conference. Our conference stands out from many other industry conferences in large part due to the vast diversity of our speakers. While many sessions are hosted by Informix technical pros, a key component of the event is the “end user” participation. We all have vastly different backgrounds, both personal and professional. We all use Informix differently. Why not share that unique knowledge?

The 2014 Conference will be comprised of three days of technical/user sessions, a series of hands-on-labs and one day of comprehensive tutorials intended to reinforce the power of Informix. Presentation proposals should be brief, highlighting the Informix technical solutions, real world experiences or trade tips you will include in your presentation. Multiple presentations are encouraged. Speaker guidelines can be found atwww.iiug2014.org/speakers. We are “sweetening the pot” for this year’s speakers:

All User Speakers this year may choose one of the following:

  1. A complimentary IIUG Conference pass (note does not include Conference Tutorials but these may be purchased separately for a nominal fee)
  2. IPAD Mini with Retina display (16GB) – wifi only
  3. Google Nexus 7 (32GB) – wifi only

All User Speakers doing TWO sessions may receive one of the above AND complimentary Conference Tutorials!

Use www.iiug2014.org/speakers to register your proposal. These “proposals” need only to be a well thought out idea or outline of what your presentation will be. We won’t need the actual presentation until next March. So don’t be shy!

The deadline for submitting 2014 IIUG Conference proposals is December 3, 2013. For your convenience, speaker logins have been retained for those who submitted a 2013 IIUG Conference proposal. Please submit your proposal and a brief biography today for consideration.

The (not so) fine print:

The speaker assumes all responsibility for receipt of the IIUG gift in consideration of speaking and is to notify their employer in accordance with their policy. The speaker also assumes responsibility for any and all taxes if such is due in their locality. The IIUG assumes no liability on the selection of any product you may choose.

We will ask you after your session(s) have been accepted for your choice of gift(s). All choices will be final and no changes can be made once selected. All selections will be due by March 1, 2014 or sooner and the default selection will be the complimentary conference pass if none are selected by the speaker.

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New Shared Memory Segment

A new shared memory segment has been introduced in the Informix version 12.10. The 12.10.xC2 onwards the bufferpool has been moved out of the resident segment and new bufferpool segment has been added and is shown in the ‘onstat -g seg’ output as class ‘B’. The BUFFERPOOL configuration parameter determines the amount of buffers allocated to this new segment when the database server is started.

IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 12.10.UC2DE -- On-Line -- Up 00:20:35 -- 85899522520 Kbytes

Segment Summary:
id         key        addr     size       ovhd     class blkused  blkfree
32768      52564801   44000000 3424256    243124   R     836      0
65537      52564802   44344000 67108864   394328   V     6776     9608
98306      52564803   48344000 110305280  1        B     26930    0
Total:     -          -        180838400  -        -     34542    9608

– Rashmi Chawak

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