IIUG Insider (Issue #129) March 2011

Highlights: Keynote at the IIUG conference by IBM Watson/Jeopardy! Lead Researcher, Dr. David A. Ferrucci, New Informix announcements and much more

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I am writing this editorial from beautiful and snowy Stockholm. Well very light, but still in Israel it is now 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) so it is quite a difference.

Despite the cold weather I was privileged to meet a warm group of loyal end enthusiastic group of Informix users from Sweden, Norway and Iceland. About 30 people attended the 20th anniversary of the Swedish Local User Group followed by a half day Server tech day and a two day Informix road show. The server tech day was split into two tracks; Informix and DB2. DB2 for those of you who don’t know, is another IBM database, although technically inferior to Informix, and judging by the attendance not as popular.

The road show was delivered by Scott Pickett whom many of you know. The presentations covered a broad area of topics. Everyone I spoke to, which was most of the attendees, was very pleased. I would like to take this opportunity and thank Rickard Link from IBM Sweden for the great work organizing these events.

So much is happening recently around Informix that I don’t know where to begin the rest of my editorial. Just go on reading and you will find out for yourselves.

Gary Ben-Israel
IIUG Insider Editor

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Keynote at the IIUG conference by IBM Watson/Jeopardy! Lead Researcher, Dr. David A. Ferrucci

Dr. Ferrucci is the lead researcher and Principal Investigator for the Watson/Jeopardy! project. He has been a Research Staff Member at IBM’s T.J. Watson’s Research Center since 1995 where he heads up the Semantic Analysis and Integration department. Dr. Ferrucci focuses on technologies for automatically discovering valuable knowledge in natural language content and using it to enable better decision making.

Read all about it in the Conference corner below.

IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse

IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition provides superior performance, availability and efficiency, minimal complexity, and lower computing costs.

The Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition includes all Informix features on all supported platforms, plus Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA) for development, deployment and distribution with unlimited scalability. It includes full grid and replication capabilities and storage compression.

Read more at: http://www.ibm.com/software/data/informix/ultimate-warehouse-edition/

IBM Informix Genero

IBM Informix Genero is an application development environment that provides easy, graphical tools for accelerating a new generation of mobile and cloud-based applications.

Informix Genero lets you model applications using an intuitive user interface, and deploy them across multiple environments. Informix Genero includes powerful reporting capabilities for the fast design of sophisticated reports that utilize minimal system resources.

Read more at: http://www.ibm.com/software/data/informix/tools/genero.html

IBM, C&W Partner On UK Smart Energy Cloud

This would usually be in the Informix News section. But when IBM wins a $13 billion project with Informix this is an item that needs to be highlighted. Informix is back in the news. Just enter Informix in Google news and find out. Or just go to the Informix News section of the Insider and find out.

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2011 IIUG Informix Conference

2011 IIUG Keynotes — IBM Watson/Jeopardy! Lead Researcher, Dr. David A. Ferrucci

The IIUG Conference committee is pleased and honored to confirm Dr. David A. Ferrucci as the Monday evening Keynote speaker.

Dr. Ferrucci is the lead researcher and Principal Investigator for the Watson/Jeopardy! project. He has been a Research Staff Member at IBM’s T.J. Watson’s Research Center since 1995 where he heads up the Semantic Analysis and Integration department. Dr. Ferrucci focuses on technologies for automatically discovering valuable knowledge in natural language content and using it to enable better decision making.In 2007, Dr. Ferrucci accepted the Jeopardy! challenge. Dr. Ferrucci was tasked to create a computer system that can rival human champions at the game of Jeopardy!. Introducing Watson, IBM’s computer powered by DeepQA technology. Watson appeared on three Jeopardy! episodes, in February 2011, where man vs machine was put to the test. Watson was able to answer questions posed in natural language to defeat two past Jeopardy! all time winning champions.

In addition to Dr. Ferrucci, distinguished keynote speakers at the 2011 IIUG Conference include: Dr. Arvind Krishna, Jerry Keesee and Rob Thomas.

Dr. Arvind Krishna is General Manager IBM Information Management and has responsibility for WW development for Information Management Software within IBM Software Group. Dr. Krishna defines the business & technical strategy, and is responsible for the development, delivery, sales, and ecosystem of the data management segment, a multi-billion dollar market for IBM.
Jerry Keesee is Director of Informix Database Development and leads the Informix database portfolio software development efforts. Since joining IBM in 2001, Jerry has led his team in multiple releases of IBM Informix Dynamic Server as well as other products in the portfolio.
Rob Thomas is Vice President of Business Development in IBM’s Information Management Software Division. Rob brings experience in management, business development, and consulting in the high technology and financial services industries.
To learn more about Dr. David A. Ferrucci, Dr. Arvind Krishna, Jerry Keesee and Rob Thomas visit /conf/2011/iiug/keynote.php or better yet join us at the 2011 IIUG Conference, May 15 – 18, 2011.

To learn more about IBM Watson please check out any of the following links:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1c7s7-3fXI&feature=relmfu
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP4Jc5rGT1A
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOkUzQ5Rt7c
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI-M7O_bRNg

It is not too late to register for the Conference. Visit /conf/2011/iiug/register.php. Don’t forget to use your IIUG membership to save an additional $100.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 2011 IIUG Conference!

Rhonda Hackenburg
IIUG Conference Planning Committee

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New Certification Exam: Informix 11.7 Fundamentals (000-558)
This new exam contains six sections totalling approximately 60 multiple-choice questions. The successful candidate for the IBM Certified Database Associate – Informix 11.70 Fundamentals Certification will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to provide entry level administration of Informix, including basic SQL (Structured Query Language), how Informix is installed, how to create databases and database objects, security, transaction isolation, backup and recovery procedures, and describe replication technologies and purposes.

New IBM Redbooks publication: Embedding IBM Informix
In this IBM Redbooks publication, we discuss and describe the capabilities for embedding Informix. into applications and software. We introduce the technological architecture and describe several of the functions and features that support Informix as a robust and powerful embeddable DBMS. Many of these features are unique in the industry today, enabling clients to create a business advantage.

Let us map out your training needs for you next project!
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Informix Chat with the Lab

Topic: IBM Informix Genero
Date: Thursday, 21 April 2011
Time: 8:30 AM Pacific
10:30 AM Central
11:30 AM Eastern
4:30 PM London
5:30 PM Frankfurt, Paris
10:00 PM India

Speakers: Jerry Keesee – Director, IBM Informix Database Development (IBM),
Shawn Moe – Technical Product Manager, Informix Application Development Tools and Technology (IBM)

IBM Informix Genero is a new product that we are happy to be able to offer in partnership with Four Js. Informix Genero offers an exciting set of functionality for the modernization of Informix 4GL applications. In this Chat with the Labs session, we will discuss the business aspects of the new Informix Genero offering, including packaging, sales, and technical support. Informix Genero is offered in both development and runtime editions. We will discuss some of the new language constructs, platform support, and other functionality that Informix Genero offers to Informix 4GL developers. We’ll discuss the Informix Genero architecture, some approaches for converting from Informix 4GL to Informix Genero, and some options for extending your applications with the new Informix Genero user interface functionality. We’ll wrap it up with a discussion on Informix Genero web services and how they extend the new Informix 4GL web services support.

Come and join us for this technical overview of the brand new IBM Informix Genero product!

Presentation material will be available at http://www.ibm.com/informix/labchats prior to the event.


To register and receive instructions for attending this webinar, point your browser to:

https://events.webdialogs.com/register.php?id=b9c49ccae3&l=en-US New in DeveloperWorks

Take a beginner’s tour of the Informix virtual table interface with shared libraries
IBM Informix (R) provides access to external data sources through the virtual table interface (VTI). The VTI provides a set of hooks called purpose functions. As a developer, your task is to create an access method that implements VTI purpose functions and as many additional user-defined routines (UDRs) as necessary to access your external data source. This tutorial shows you how to compile and run your VTI UDR as a shared library.

17 Mar 2011

Storage provisioning in Informix
Storage provisioning, a new feature in Informix 11.7, makes storage management much easier. With this new functionality, DBAs don’t have to monitor Informix in order to anticipate when an application might deplete storage. Now Informix can automatically allocate storage to containers whenever a database requires additional space. In this article, learn how to implement this functionality.

03 Mar 2011

Evaluate: Informix 11.7
Download a trial version of Informix Ultimate Edition 11.7 or download one of the free editions: Informix Developer Edition 11.7 (for development use only) or Informix Innovator-C Edition 11.7 (for small production workloads.)

21 Feb 2011

Data Manager: DHL Mexico Follows the Money
Merv Adrian tells how DHL Mexico used Informix to realize multiple IT-related benefits.

14 Feb 2011

Feature: Hands-on First Look: Informix 11.7
Lester Knutsen and Art Kagel introduce Informix 11.7, share the results of their performance tests, and describe its new features and how to use them.

14 Feb 2011

IIUG User View: Why Do You Love Informix?
Stuart Litel shares the latest IIUG news.

14 Feb 2011

Informix DBA: More Musings on Informix 11.7
Lester Knudsen and Art Kagel evaluate some of the advanced capabilities that come with Informix 11.7.

14 Feb 2011

For more information go to DeveloperWorks – Informix: /url/devworks.html

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IBM, C&W Partner On UK Smart Energy Cloud

Big Blue and its telecom ally hope to capture part of the British government’s $13 billion plan to put smart meters in every home.

By Paul McDougall InformationWeek
March 21, 2011 09:51 AM

IBM has teamed up with Cable&Wireless Worldwide with an eye to getting a piece of the UK’s plan to put 47 million smart energy meters in British homes by 2010.

Part of the plan calls for the creation of central server hubs that send and receive data from the smart meters, which are designed to let utilities companies monitor energy use more precisely and help consumers reduce their power bills.

IBM and C&W said they plan to build a hub, which they’ve labeled UK Smart Energy Cloud, based on IBM’s Informix database technology and Tivoli infrastructure management software and C&W’s networking systems.

“As we start the journey towards a low-carbon economy smart meters will drive a wave of change in the energy system and are set to become an increasingly important part of the nation’s critical infrastructure,” said Laurence Carpanini, director of Smart Meters and Smart Grids for IBM UK & Ireland.

Managing the exploding number of new addresses needed for mobile computing and virtualization requirements.

Reducing Network Management Complexity Through Automation

“With this collaboration, we can provide the UK with a flexible, intelligent solution based on proven technology. We can support the national Smart Meter Implementation Programme and help communities become smarter, more connected and in turn, more sustainable,” said Carpanini.

C&W officials said they needed to partner with a broad-based IT products and services company like IBM to present a complete solution for the program.

“We believe a collaboration of this kind is the most natural approach to achieving an end to end solution for a complete smart metering roll-out and making smart grid a reality. The challenge is for smart meters to reach the entire UK population and this will require a combination of enabling solutions, such as GPRS, radio, and Power Line Carrier to make sure it’s cost effective,” said Matt Key, managing director for Enterprise at C&W.

IBM has spent billions of dollars over the past decade building out its portfolio of database and analytics software—through buyouts of specialists like Informix and Cognos and through in-house efforts—in order to better position itself to compete for deals like the UK smart meter program.

In this case, however, the company will have competition. BT, Vodafone, and Telefonica 02 UK have all reportedly teamed up with infrastructure partners to bid for pieces of the program, which is expected cost about $13 billion in total. The cost of installing the smart meters alone is pegged at about $550 per household.


Fuzzy Logix and IBM Unveil In-Database Analytics for IBM Informix

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 14, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Fuzzy Logix, LLC, a leading provider of advanced analytical solutions, today announced the availability of in-database analytics working with IBM Informix database software to serve the large base of customers who are seeking to use easily accessible analytics to gain competitive advantage.

The product, DB Lytix(TM), is a rich, in-database analytics library built during more than eleven years of extensive research on advanced analytical methods. It contains functions for mathematical and statistical analysis, data mining, and Monte Carlo simulations. With the library now ported to IBM Informix, DB Lytix can leverage the high performance of Informix to bring tremendous gains in processing speed to analytic solutions.

According to Fuzzy Logix CEO Partha Sen, “We are proud to release our second product with IBM and the availability of DB Lytix on Informix means that over 100,000 customers and OEM partners now have access to analytic solutions that install in 10 minutes and require no additional resources to manage. Customers will quickly see financial benefits and our offering supports IBM’s goal of making solutions for a smarter planet.”

“The availability of DB Lytix for Informix brings tangible business benefits to our customers and the marketplace. The combination of in-database analytics with the superior performance of Informix delivers an unparalleled ability to accelerate business decisions,” said Robert Thomas, Vice President of Business Development at IBM.

Businesses who adopt in-database analytics can perform real-time analysis of their data. Because the models are accessible via SQL, analytics can be moved into business processes and embedded in existing front-end tools such as Cognos. Customers in financial services, telecom, utilities, healthcare, digital media and retail are seeing the strong benefits of leveraging in-database analytics to accelerate their decisions. Since no additional hardware or network infrastructure is needed, companies will be able to build and deploy solutions in a matter of weeks. For those companies and OEM partners that would like to explore these solutions, they can obtain a trial license directly from Fuzzy Logix, and if needed, support services from Fuzzy Logix and IBM Global Business Services.

For more information, join us at the IIUG Informix Conference May 15-18, 2011 in Kansas City (learn more at /conf/2011/iiug) or contact Michael Upchurch at 704-807-7107 or Cyrus Golkar at 408-858-7979.

About Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix, LLC is an analytics product and consulting services company. DB Lytix is the world’s most complete library of in-database analytics and is available on seven database platforms including Netezza and Informix. Our goal is to make analytics pervasive and to solve complex problems faced by businesses by leveraging analytics. Fuzzy Logix delivers rich suites of advanced analytics and predictive algorithms in databases, memory and hardware. Our solutions allow you to analyze, infer and act(TM). For more information, visit http://www.FuzzyL.com.

About IBM

IBM Informix database software has been voted #1 in customer satisfaction. Find out more about IBM Informix at http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/informix/.

IBM and the IBM logo are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, or other countries, or both.

This press release was issued through eReleases(R). For more information, visit eReleases Press Release Distribution at http://www.ereleases.com.

SOURCE Fuzzy Logix, LLC


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New configuration parameters for Informix 11.70

The Informix version 11.70 has introduced some new configuration parameters that might affect your installation. All these new configuration parameters relates to some new features or functionalities.

The following table lists configuration parameters that added in Informix 11.70:

Parameter Name Description
AUTO_STAT_MODE Enables or disables the recalculation of distribution statistics.
BATCHEDREAD_INDEX Enables the optimizer to automatically fetch a set of keys from an index buffer.
CDR_LOG_LAG_ACTION Specifies how Enterprise Replication responds to a potential log wrap situation.
CDR_LOG_STAGING_MAXSIZE Specifies the maximum amount of space that Enterprise Replication uses to stage compressed log files in the directory specified by the LOG_STAGING_DIR configuration parameter.
DEFAULTESCCHAR Specifies the default escape character.
ENABLE_SNAPSHOT_COPY Enables or disables the ability to clone a server using the ifxclone utility.
FAILOVER_TX_TIMEOUT In high-availability cluster environments, enables transaction survival and indicates the maximum number of seconds after failover that the server should wait before rolling back transactions.
FULL_DISK_INIT Specifies whether or not the disk initialization command (oninit -i) can run on your instance when a page zero exists at the root path location.
MQCHLLIB Specifies the path to the directory containing the IBMWebSphere MQ client channel definition table.
MQCHLTAB Specifies the name of the client channel definition table.
MQSERVER Defines a channel, specifies the location of the IBM WebSphere MQ server, and specifies the communication method to be used.
NS_CACHE Defines the expiration time for the database server to search for host, service, user, and group information from the name service cache.
PRELOAD_DLL_FILE Specifies the path name for a shared library file that is preloaded when the database server is started.
SMX_COMPRESS Specifies the level of compression that the database server uses before sending data from the source database server to the target database server.
SP_AUTOEXPAND Enable or disables the automatic creation or extension of chunks in a storage space
SP_THRESHOLD Defines the minimum amount of free kilobytes that can exist in a storage space
SP_WAITTIME Specifies the maximum number of seconds that a thread will wait for a storage pool to expand before returning an “out of space” error
STATCHANGE Specifies a percentage of changed rows that triggers the recalculation of distribution statistics.
USERMAPPING Specifies whether or not the database server accepts connections from mapped users.

Sanjit Chakraborty

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IBM Launches ‘Big Data’ Bootcamps in Universities

Now that Watson has had its latest resurgence of fame and appeared as a top trending topic on both Google and Twitter, IBM is about to show college students how to use the underlying technologies of the supercomputer. In a push called “Big Data,” the company will promote bootcamps on information management of massive amounts of data through university locations, IBM innovation centers, and online.

The camps, which are free, will last from three to five days and take place in classroom settings. Besides students, the company has invited IT professionals to participate. At the end of sessions, participants will have the chance to take free technical mastery tests and IBM certification exams.

Bootcamp sessions will cover discrete areas, including the use of IBM data management software such as DB2, pureXML, Informix, InfoSphere Optim and Guardium, and open source applications Hadoop and Eclipse. Students will receive lessons in management and analysis skills for big data environments, including data federation, integration, and warehousing techniques, as well as data management planning, and data governance, quality and security strategies.

The new initiative follows on IBM’s Watson Jeopardy! victory, where the computer showed how artificial intelligence can work in the real world (at least in the real world of a game show). The system consists of 90 clustered IBM Power 750 Express servers, a potent build-up of hardware that can pick through 500 gigabytes of information a second.

But IBM said that as more organizations move to similar systems to handle their big data challenges, a skills gap is surfacing.

“Companies are amassing up to petabytes of information during peak hours of operations, and they see an opportunity to use this data to gain new insights into their customers and get ahead of the competition,” said Arvind Krishna, general manager of IBM Information Management. “Uncovering insights hidden among data in existing IT systems, and outside of the firewall in social networks, on clouds, and from mobile devices, requires today’s IT professionals to possess new skills.”


Dian Schaffhauser

Informix Leads Again

We have known for a long time that Informix is great technology, so it should come as no surprise that Informix will be delivering the first database product from IBM that incorporates columnar, compression, and in-memory technology available for the mid-market. Informix has always provided superior performance, but the upcoming product release takes data warehousing processing speed to a whole new level – query response times can be improved to well over 100 times faster than “traditional” OLAP response times, and in many cases well beyond that. Every business with online transaction processing has struggled to find a solution with a requirement for fast response times and the need to run a data warehouse-type query as part of the application. This new innovation provides an appliance-like data warehouse configuration enabling a combined OLTP – OLAP environment. Of course, this new warehouse offering can be setup as a pure warehousing environment and the response times will be just as incredible, but for the first time we truly have a way to incorporate in-line analytics into common business applications. I encourage all of our solution providers and systems integrators to listen in to the special pre-announcement call we have set up and find out first-hand about this new technology. Call or send an email to me (shoafs@us.ibm.com) – and get started on bringing real game changing value to your customers.

Informix in 2011

As we moved into 2011, I want to say that this will be a very exciting year. We have organized sales, marketing, technical sales, and development to create unified cross-functional teams to promote, sell, and support specific “line of business” capabilities of Informix – capabilities that are demonstrably superior to our competition. We have also targeted specific industries where advanced processing capabilities are needed, such as Energy and Utilities (TimeSeries) and Retail (Flexible Grid). We also have “focus teams” for Warehousing / In-line analytics, and Application Modernization.

The results so far are really great and our pipeline is growing. IBM sales reps now have a clear picture of the best methods to sell Informix in their territory, and technical sales teams have resources to work with to perform Proof of Concepts. These teams are also working with our business partners and end-customers directly on every continent to bring greater awareness about Informix to the market. I am very pleased to see that the efforts of the dedicated teams who are putting such energy and enthusiasm into Informix is paying off — there hasn’t been a better time to be selling Informix. I am looking forward to a great year!

Steve Shoaf

Informix Database Tools Survey

The Informix product management team would like to get feedback about your database managing, monitoring, tuning, and modelling needs as well as the tools you use to perform these activities. We are collecting your feedback through an informal survey which should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Your feedback will help guide our Informix database development and management tools strategy. Let your voice be heard and shape future Informix tooling innovations. Complete the survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/D9WYMNX) today!

Discover Informix Roadshow – Prague

Whether you’re new to Informix, or are one of our many loyal clients or business partners, we invite you to spend half a day with us to discover the next decade of Informix at IBM. Learn what’s new (we think you’ll be impressed); and find out why IBM Informix was voted number one in customer satisfaction for two consecutive years.

When: Mar 23, 2011
Where: Prague, Czech Republic
Details: For more information, send an email to: tina.zmuc.reflak@si.ibm.com

Informix 11.7 Bootcamp for clients, Business Partners, and consultants

Interested in learning more about Informix and how it can enhance the value of solutions and extend market opportunities? For more information including a detailed agenda, or to register for this no-charge workshop, visit https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/im/Informix+11.7+Bootcamp.

Buenos Aires, Argentina March 28-30
Dusseldorf, Germany April 4-6
Bangkok, Thailand April 25-27
Bogota, Columbia April 26-28
Quito, Ecuador May 2-4
Jakarta, Indonesia May 3-5
Budapest, Hungary May 3-5
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia May 10-12
Shanghai, China May 11-13
Mumbai, India Coming Soon
Bangalore, India Coming Soon

Informix Performance Tuning Bootcamp for IBM Business Partners

This technical workshop provides training in a classroom setting on Monitoring, Tuning, and Troubleshooting techniques for IBM Informix. Detailed presentations and hands-on labs are included where attendees will gain in-depth knowledge of tools and techniques. For more information or to register for this no-charge workshop, visit http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/im/Informix+Performance+Tuning+Bootcamp.

Vienna, Austria April 27-29
Quito, Ecuador May 5-6
Beijing, China May 25-27
Santiago, Chile June 7-9


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Informix blogs and things

  • The IIUG forums at /forums/technical.php **** these are very good****
  • Art Kagel’s blog http://informix-myview.blogspot.com/ **** New *****
  • Andrew Ford’s blog http://www.informix-dba.blogspot.com/
  • Blogs, Videos, News and more at http://planetids.com
  • IDS Experts at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/idsteam
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  • Virtual Worlds, MMOGs, Serious data – Informix Technology for Persistent Worlds http://informix4virtual.wordpress.com/
  • IBM DATABASE MAGAZINE at http://www.ibmdatabasemag.com
  • The Informix Zone at http://www.informix-zone.com
  • The Informix Mag at http://www.informixmag.com/
  • IIUG Developers Desktop /devnews/Vol_1_Iss_4/Home.html
  • Informix Newsletter in Germany http://www.informix-zone.com/informix-german-newsletter
  • Informix Newsletter in France http://www.informix-zone.com/informix-french-newsletter
  • There is an Informix group on LinkedIn. The group is called “Informix Supporter”, so anyone loving Informix can join, from current IBM employees, former Informix employees, to users. It will also be a good occasion to get in touch with others or long-time-no-seen friends. If you fancy showing the Informix logo on your profile, join. To join, simply go to http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/25049/5E4B2048E558.

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April – 2011
Date Event Location Contact
4 Informix User Group of France Meeting IBM, Bois Colombes, France Khaled Bentebal
4-6 Informix 11.7 Bootcamp Duesseldorf, Germany
11 Informix Infobahn Dusseldorf, Germany Monika Schneider
12 Informix Infobahn Berlin, Germany Monika Schneider
12-14 Informix 11.7 Bootcamp Lima, Peru
12-14 Informix 11.7 Bootcamp Zagreb, Croatia Hrvoje Zokovic
13 Informix Infobahn Zurich, Switzerland Monika Schneider
14 Informix Infobahn Munich, Germany Monica Schneider
19-21 Informix 11.7 Bootcamp Zagreb, Croatia Hrvoje Zokovic
25-27 Informix 11.7 Bootcamp Bangkok, Thailand
26-28 Informix 11.7 Bootcamp Bogota, Columbia
May – 2011
Date Event Location Contact
2-4 Informix 11.7 Bootcamp Quito, Ecuador
10-12 2011 IDS 11.7 Bootcamp Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Fong Lee Yong
15-18 2011 IIUG Informix Conference Overland Park, Kansas Cindy Lichtenauer

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The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is an organization designed to enhance communications between its worldwide user community and IBM. The IIUG’s membership database now exceeds 25,000 entries and enjoys the support and commitment of IBM’s Data Management division. Key programs include local user groups and special interest groups, which we promote and assist from launch through growth.

Sources: IIUG Board of Directors
IBM Corp.
Editors: Gary Ben-Israel

For comments, please send an email to gary@iiug.org.

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