IIUG Insider (Issue #3) June 14, 2002

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  1. IIUG Board Meeting Highlights
  2. 2002 IBM Software Symposium Highlights
  3. June 18 Webcast: Best Practices for Informix Database Performance
  4. Revised Look for the IIUG Web Site
  5. July 9 Webcast: WebSphere Application Server and IDS
  6. New PeopleMix SIG list for PeopleSoft/Informix Users
  7. Useful Links
  8. Closing and Credits

IIUG Board Meeting Highlights

The IIUG Board met in Vienna, Austria, this week. This was the last full meeting of 2002 and produced significant results, which we believe will ensure the continued success of the organization.

A key accomplishment was the election of the IIUG President who will take over from Fred Hubbard at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, to take place in September. Jerry Hamilton was picked by the Board to lead and represent our thousands of members around the globe. Congratulations, Jerry!

The Board also finalized its planning for the year and introduced new governance practices to ensure better efficiency and a more strategic focus.

Meg Hilbert formally replaced Martha Schraer as IBM’s advocate to the IIUG Board of Directors. The Board bid a warm farewell to Martha and recognized her multiple contributions. We also welcomed Meg back to the Board. She had served in 1999-2000 with much success.

2002 IBM Software Symposium Highlights

Hello from Vienna, Austria and the IBM Software Symposium 2002! Entitled “the journey through the IBM software universe”, this four day conference brought together all IBM tools from Data Management, Lotus, Tivoli and WebSphere.

Included in the conference were several IBM Informix breakout sessions, including IDS Enterprise Replication, Informix Classic Databases and Tools Update and IBM Informix TimeSeries Datablade Module to name a few. A three-part IDS technical workshop was available, as well as a “Birds of a Feather” gathering about Informix tools and products.

Additionally, IBM offered more than 100 exhibits that allowed the attendees to explore some of IBM’s latest solutions. In addition to these exhibits there were over 70 vendors present to offer an overview of their products and solutions.

On Tuesday morning Janet Perna, General Manager of IBM Data Management Software presented as the keynote speaker and discussed the evolution of database strategies from the early 60’s to present highlighting the benefits of DB2 and Informix. She also talked about the integration of Informix technology into DB2.

During the Symposium, the IIUG Board of Directors held their annual summer Board meeting. They also met with the Informix User Group European Leaders. These Leaders came from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and Switzerland. The IIUG and their Leaders discussed strategies to expand the User Group functions within those countries and others in the Europe, Middle East and Africa geography. If you are an active Informix product user located in any of these countries and you would like to get involved with a local user group, please contact lugnut@iiug.org.

June 18 Webcast: Best Practices for Informix Database Performance

For all who work with IDS, this webcast is a must! While it will be recorded for deferred playback, we recommend attending live if possible and presenting your questions to the great Marty Lurie.

When presented for the first time at last year’s Informix conference in Las Vegas, Marty had standing room only. Recently, he presented in Boston, where attendees rated his presentation as highly useful.

Mark your calendar right away: Tuesday, June 18, 9 AM US Pacific. For more details, please visit:


Revised Look for the IIUG Web Site

IIUG’s web site, www.IIUG.org, continues attracting more visitors and content. In order to accommodate more Highlights, and still keep our Quick Links, Sponsors and Coming Events on screen, minimizing the need for scrolling, we made some changes. Be the judge and tell us what you think by writing to Fred@IIUG.org.

July 9 Webcast: WebSphere Application Server and IDS

Make another date with IIUG on July 9, 9 AM US Pacific, and attend this important webcast about WebSphere and IDS. Here’s what IBM says about it:

“IBM provides a comprehensive e-business framework to meet your business needs. WebSphere App Server and IDS is the winning combination to help you stay ahead.”

In this presentation IBM specialists will present an overview of the WebSphere App Server, how to setup WebSphere App Server with IDS and a demonstration of the Life Insurance application using the WebSphere App Server and IDS. In addition, an open Q&A session will be held.

More information will be posted at www.IIUG.org as we approach the date. Meanwhile, to learn more about WebSphere, please visit the following link:


New PeopleMix SIG list for PeopleSoft/Informix Users

A new IIUG e-mail discussion list has been created for users of PeopleSoft applications and Informix databases: PeopleMix. This list intends to pick up the list once sponsored by Informix Software, which was very popular among the PeopleSoft/IDS community.

To subscribe, please visit our member area and check the appropriate box under “Subscriptions”.

Our member area is located at /members

Useful Links

  • Upcoming IBM US Conferences
  • Informix Page Within IBM PartnerWorld for Developers
  • IBM Informix Homepage
  • Recent Data Management Product Announcements
  • Informix News from IBM Data Management

Closing and Credits

The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is an organization designed to enhance communications between IBM and its worldwide user community. IIUG now approaches 14,000 members and enjoys the support and commitment of IBM’s Data Management division. Key programs include local user groups and special interest groups, which we promote and assist from launch through growth.

Sources: IIUG Board of Directors
Editors: Fred Hubbard and David Smith, IIUG Board of Directors

For comments, please send an email to ug@iiug.org.

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