IIUG Board of Directors – 2017-2018

The operation of the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is managed and directed by a President and Board of Directors. The current members of the IIUG Board of Directors are:



Gary Ben-Israel
Jerusalem, Israel

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Gary Ben-Israel has been working with Informix products since 1993 as a database administrator, database designer, application architect and application developer. Over the past 14 years, Gary has used 4GL, C and Java. Gary has been working with Informix Online 5, IDS 7, 9 and 10 and is on the closed Beta program for IDS 11. As a board member he served as editor of the IIUG Insider, took part in conference planning committees and is now in charge of the IIUG membership.

IIUG Insider Profile – 01 April 2004
Gary is an IBM Information Champion since 2010.

Miguel Carbone
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Miguel Carbone “MC” has been involved with Informix technology since 1995. He started his professional career as a software engineer developing C/C++ solutions using Informix. He is president and principal consultant of MC Software, an IBM-Informix Consulting, Training, Translator and Tools Partner specializing in software development, data warehouse development, database design, performance tuning, high availability and Informix training and support.

Currently, Miguel specializes in developing creative, critical and strategic solutions to increase business performance, minimizing costs, providing his expertise to large-scale OLTP, web based and data warehouse systems requiring optimal speed, performance, and precision, developing and deploying critical nonstop solutions and environments.

Miguel is also the founder and president of the Brazilian Informix Users Group – BRIUG, a young but enthusiastic group, and has been serving on the IIUG Board of Directors since 2009.

Miguel “MC” is one of the most experienced Software Architects and IT Specialists in Brazil, leading a MC Software team, one of the most recognized technical teams, who develops unique and creative solutions. Miguel “MC” doesn’t have customers, “MC” has references. “Everything MC does, MC does with passion.”

Miguel is building the first Informix center of excellence in Brazil, to maximize the quality of the solutions developed using Informix technology.

Marius Ciortea
IBM Representative

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Director, Community Engagement and Strategy Marketing, IBM Analytics, IBM Corporation, Bay Area, California

Rhonda Hackenburg
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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Rhonda has been working with Informix products for 30 years, beginning with Informix-SE. In her current position as Research and Development Manager for the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board, she was instrumental in influencing her organization to continuing supporting Informix for their programming goals after the IBM acquisition. This commitment is extended to current and future clients supported by her organization.

Rhonda continues to support the IIUG Board and Informix as a member of the IIUG Conference Planning Committee and has been involved since 2010. She is the current VP for the Washington Area Informix Users Group (WAIUG). Rhonda was a member of the IIUG Board during 2013-2015. She is IBM Certified and has been an IBM Champion since 2013, an honor awarded to IT professionals who are leaders and supporters of IBM software and solutions.

Rhonda is employed by a very small organization and wants to represent the needs and concerns of other small organizations as part of her mission as an IIUG board member. She will be honored to be re-elected as a member of the IIUG Board and will apply her enthusiasm and commitment to represent the entire Informix community ensuring Informix remains a viable product of the IBM portfolio.

Art Kagel
East Brunswick, New Jersey USA

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Art Kagel has been working with Informix database and development products almost since the beginning. He is a frequent contributor to the IIUG Forums and the CDI Usenet group and a popular presenter at conferences. Art is founder and President of ASK Database Management working as a Principle Consultant providing services to IBM Informix users around the world. He is also a former winner of the IIUG Directors Award for his outstanding contributions to the Informix Community and an eight time IBM Champion for Information Management.

Cindy Lichtenauer
Lenexa, KS USA

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Cindy Lichtenauer has been working with Informix products since 1989. Twelve of those years were spent at the Informix Lenexa Kansas office, as a Systems Engineer.

Cindy continually works to spread the word about the Informix product line, to provide knowledge to Informix users and to influence the future and direction of Informix products. Cindy is an advocate of local user groups and is on the board of the Kansas City Informix User’s Group.

Stuart Litel
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
President – IIUG

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Stuart Litel is an IT professional with eighteen years experience working with Informix products. His early days with Informix products included beta testing Informix 4GL and Informix SQL versions 1 as well as the first versions of Informix Rapid Development System and Turbo (now known as On-Line). He is one of the country’s longest time users and developers of Informix products, and considered an authority and vast resource of Informix database knowledge.

Stuart is also the founder of the New England Informix User Group and remains a very active participant as the group’s leader today. Some noteworthy activities within the Informix user community include his technical contributions to various books published on Informix products as well as to the Informix Certification Exams administered by Informix Corporation.

Stuart’s professional work experience includes positions as Analyst, Developer, Data Base Administrator, and Project Manager. His knowledge spans the Informix product line and includes the various database engines as well as development tools. He has been a freelance Informix Consultant for more than ten years, providing his expertise to large-scale OLTP, web based and data warehouse systems requiring optimal speed, performance, and precision.

IIUG Insider Profile – 26 November 2002

Vicente Salvador
Barcelona, Spain

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Vicente has been working with Informix since 1988 when he started developing solutions with Informix 4GL.

He is a recognized Informix consultant and specialist in Spain and Latin-America. Currently, he is the president of the Spanish Informix User Group where he provides Informix knowledge in their blogs.

He’s a fan of Informix Technology and has a deep experience on IWA, Grid and replication technologies. He has developed a native IWA OLAP engine based on XML/A datamart definition, as well as a Java Framework for Informix Cloud applications. He has also been appointed as the architect of a Framework for developing Android mobile applications interacting with Informix servers.

His current job position, as Software Engineer, Informix Consultant and Project Manager, allows him to have precious knowledge on how Informix brings value to Project managers, technicians and most important, customers.

Bruce Simms
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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I have spent many years as a user and supporter of the Informix product line going back to the days of Turbo up through Inforix 12.10. I have been involved in the St. Louis Users group, the as a member of the IIUG Leadership Council in early years of the IIUG and as a member of the IIUG Board. As a Senior DBA at Equifax, I continue supporting and using Informix. In addition to supporting the Informix engine I also support the installation of the 4GL tools, ESQL and ESQL COBOL. I support Informix as a member of the Planning Committee for the IIUG conferences, 2 years as a track chair and currently serving as the sponsor/vendor chair. Although I am currently not an IIUG Board member, I have strived to build solid relationships for Informix with vendors for the IIUG via Sponsorships. The next few years are going to become very important to the Informix products in the IBM world as the IIUG is here to let the world know Informix is not a DEAD Product! I continue spreading the benefits that Informix provides for my company as well at any type of company.

Eric Vercelletto
Pont l’Abbé, France

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Eric (aka .Mr benchmark.) uses Informix products since 1986. After developing healthcare solutions based on Informix Online and 4GL, he joined the French then Portuguese technical teams of Informix Software. He has been a technical support, trainer and founding member
of the Paris and Lisbon consultancy teams, handling premium and strategic Informix accounts for about 11 years.

After a few years spent other technologies including software testing , he decided to come back to the Informix Universe in 2010 creating his own consultancy company. His daily life involves technical issues management and resolution, application and DBMS architecture
and optimization, DBA’s and developers training, technical knowledge transfer and customer advocacy.

Since he co-authored the “Informix 4GL advanced programming” Informix training manual and co-developed the first Informix certification exams in the Paris office (1992), he still is a heavy writer about the Informix world, running different blogs, and also actively
participating in technical forums. He is an IBM Champion since 2013.

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