Interested In Giving A Tech Talk

In Search of Tech Talks Speakers

We are looking for additional speakers and especially any new speakers to share your Informix knowledge with our user Community via the IIUG Tech Talks. We will assist you in preparing for your Tech Talks presentation by prerecording your session. This will allow you to be available to answer any questions that come up in the chat during you presentation.

If you are interested in producing a 15 – 45-minute presentation, please contact either Art Kagel or Rhonda Hackenburg for additional information.

We have a wide variety of members of all experience levels, tech talks do not need to be incredibly deep dives. Sharing your experiences and what you know well may be very helpful to some members of the community. If you wish to discuss a third party tool that works with Informix let us know and we can discuss that too. Tech Talks are here to support the community.