IIUG announces 2020 Elections for Board of Directors

The IIUG is accepting nominations for the Board of Directors 2020 elections. 
While the IIUG Board is a voluntary entity, it would be advisable for you to understand what is expected of you if you are elected.
The IIUG Board meets three times a year; all meetings are mandatory. Two meetings are held over a weekend. The third meeting is held during the Annual IIUG Conference which is a required Board event. In the past, meetings were held in person and required travel. However, with the COVID restrictions, this year’s meetings have been virtual and the IIUG Conference was canceled. Once restrictions are lifted, we may return to in person meetings. Travel, hotel and dining expenses are covered for all in person meetings and IIUG Conference fee is waived for Board members.
Your term would begin on January 1, 2021 and continues through December 31, 2021.
The IIUG Board holds a monthly call. Because we are an international group residing in different time zones the call is set to 1 PM US Eastern. This call is mandatory and usually lasts about on hour. Occasionally other, usually optional, calls may be scheduled as needed
In order to expedite communication, board members are required to reply within a week to e-mail messages addressed directly to them or to the Board email group address.
All board discussions are to be kept in confidence unless the Board decides otherwise, including e-mails.
Serving on the IIUG Board requires more than just a monthly call and three board meetings. Board members are required to invest a considerable amount of time carrying out various board tasks.
Work for the IIUG Board takes priority over your regular work and private life. Make sure this is known and supported by your employer and family.
You can learn more about IIUG Board duties by reading the IIUG Board guidelines below. Read it carefully before you submit your nomination.
If you have never served on the IIUG Board, you will be asked to complete the questionnaire below to provide information about why you would make a good candidate.
Finally, you should take to time review the IIUG Bylaws.
If you are interested in joining the IIUG Board of Directors submit the required information to the Election Commissioner (mailto:john@iiug.org) no later than midnight EST Monday November 19, 2020.
John Fahey
Election Commissioner

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