IIUG Insider (Issue #91) January 2008

Highlights: Free IDS Training, IDS Tech Fair IIUG and more…

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Last time I wrote the editorial I was sunning myself in shorts and sandals, enjoying a fabulous summer. But like all fabulous summers, they cannot last. Instead the more essential task of earning a crust has reared itself and it is back to work, work. work. Not that I mind. Work is fun… normally. But, and I am sorry to have to rub this in with my mates in the other hemisphere, it is warm and sunny in the land of the Kiwi. There… I had to say it.

And what has this to do with Informix?

Absolutely nothing. It is just nice to be on the top of the world.

So now I will talk about Informix. First of all, for those that missed it, IBM slipped out a quiet little announcement that the Mac supports IDS. Or for those who hate TLA’s, the Leopard now supports the Cheetah. You can read about it at eWeek.com if you are keen. So why port IDS to the Mac? Is it because there is a great untapped market in Mac’land for IDS? Possible, I guess, but it is a hard call. Perhaps it is because Jerry Keesee is a closet Macaholic? Possible, again. He always looks happy when I see him. But, really why? My view is simple… cuz it was there. And in the end it is not a silly move if you are after the digital image management market. IBM is starting to show some interesting wrinkles with IDS. It is like they are letting the guys out to play a bit, have some fun, and attack some different markets. This is good cuz this is feeling like the innovative days of Informix glory.

Okay. So that is perhaps pushing it a bit too far but lets face it. IBM wants to carve a bigger slice of pie out of the data server market. Why not use IDS to enter the niche markets where it can win based on speed, scalability and low administration?

Enough of the blah, blah.

Now, this is important. REGISTER for the Informix conference. There is already a big pile of people who have registered and that means that seats and beds are going fast. And this is important for the rest of the world. This will be a fabulous Informix conference. It is deliberately kept low-cost to make it easier for non-Americans to attend. You’ve really got to make arrangements and get there. DO IT NOW.


Ok, Ok. Enough said. Now please read on and enjoy the rest of the rag.

Take care,

David Fraser
The IIUG Insider man
IIUG Board of Directors

President’s Note:

The President slipped another short note in on the Kiwi… See, David is down under somewhere in New Zealand enjoying his summer while we in the Northern Hemisphere are in the cold of winter planning a conference. Yes, we are way ahead of projections and targets for the conference. In fact, we have less than 125 slots available for the conference. Originally I thought we made a mistake holding it at a full service Marriott and booking the entire place, but little did I know. The Saturday and Wednesday night room block was already hit and I had to call the hotel and beg them for more rooms. Due to fire codes we can only sell about 125 more people for the conference due to seating in the main room (We can always ask David to stay in the land of Kiwi but many times he is the life of the party so we need to make sure he comes).

On a serious note, we are not only way ahead of target on registration, but on Sponsors as well. Last year, when we partnered with IDUG, there were three Informix related booths. At this past IOD show I think there were four vendors from the Informix community. Well for the IIUG Conference, we sold out the four GOLD Sponsorship we originally planned and ended up selling NINE. And Vendor space has only TWO more tables left.

So don’t miss the Informix event of the year. See the Conference Committee made a big mistake. They put me in charge of the parties… So here is one clue I will let loose. The Monday night party is going to be a cookout at the hotel with all the burgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, veggie burgers, sides, deserts, beer, wine and soda you can eat and drink! And best of all we are inviting ALL the Informix developers and support staff from the Lenexa office. Well I guess you can call it party with the Geeks (and I know this is going to haunt me by saying this) but I am going to call it party with the Informix family… But this will be one heck of a party… WHY? Cause you can learn from the development and support staff… No one else has ever done something like this that I know of, so ask questions and learn while you eat and drink with your Informix family. Register at /conf.

See you in Overland Park April 27 – 30, 2008!

Stuart Litel

Cool stuff Back to top

Training, certification, fun… it’s all happening at the IIUG Informix Conference!

The IIUG Informix Conference 2008 is fast approaching, and it is an opportunity not to be missed! Taking place April 27-30 at the Overland Park Marriott, the conference is practically next door to the Informix Development Labs in Lenexa, Kansas, affording you the opportunity to rub elbows with those experts you’ve been longing to meet. The technical content will be outstanding!

As the Advanced Support Track Chair, I’m especially excited about the opportunities the Overland Park location opens up for us. We will have training from and direct access to the gurus from the Lenexa Labs. These are the very people you and I call with our most technical Informix questions, and they’ll be presenting content from a perspective not found in manuals.

With over 60 technical sessions scheduled across four tracks over three days, you are going to be hard-pressed to decide which sessions to attend. Of course I’m biased toward the Advanced Support track, but across the grid you’ll be learning practical tips and tricks from user speakers and you’ll hear up-to-date technical information from the Informix developers and engineers. You’ll also have a chance to see detailed presentations from 15 Informix vendors and attend some great keynotes by top managers within the Informix product line. Conference topics will range from performance tuning and troubleshooting, to continuous availability, to best practices for .NET development, Ruby on Rails, PHP, plenty of IDS 11 specific topics and a few surprises as well.

The schedule also includes a day of in-depth, half-day tutorials on Sunday April 27th, prior to the conference start. This is an excellent way to maximize your learning potential at the conference. We’ve got a great line-up, the details of which will be announced soon. Sign up for the tutorials while you’re registering for the conference and you can pick your topics later.

Another advantage to attending the conference is the FREE certification testing. You’ll be able to take as many different exams per day as you wish. The only restriction is that you cannot repeat an exam on the same day. That’s practically unlimited certification opportunity!

We’ve got a few non-technical events in the works too. On Sunday, there will be a Welcome Reception at the hotel, Monday you’ll have an opportunity to chat with the Informix developers and support staff from the Lenexa Labs during a casual cookout and Tuesday night there will be an off-site party, sponsored by Kazer Technologies.

This is going to be a top-notch technical event, with good networking and fun socializing opportunities too. Don’t delay — space is limited and the price goes up March 1st. Register NOW at /conf/2008/iiug/register.php.

See you in Overland Park!

Tammy Frankforter
Conference Planning Committee
IIUG Informix Conference 2008

Free IDS training provided by IBM!

Complimentary Online Training Offer for IIUG Members

You are invited to experience IBM’s new learning format, Instructor Led Online Training (ILO) at no charge to you. ILO offers you all the benefits of traditional eLearning, but with the luxury of having the IBM instructor right there with you, live! In this special online lecture offering, you will learn about both the Informix Basic Text Search DataBlade Module and the Node DataBlade Module, as well as experience the new ILO classroom environment. This offering was developed for IIUG members only. This special session will be offered on February 19, 2008 from 11:00am – 12:30pm eastern and will be taught by Mike Lowe.

Sign in for more information and to register:


Two topics will be covered:

Basic Text Search DataBlade Module

At the end of this 30 minute session, you should be able to:

  • Describe the features of the Basic Text Search DataBlade Module
  • Search the database for text content utilizing the Basic Text Search DataBlade Module

Node DataBlade Module

At the end of this 30 minute session, you should be able to:

  • Describe how to use the Node DataBlade Module to index hierarchical data
  • Write SQL queries to return hierarchical data using the Node DataBlade

Space is limited to sign up today.

The dates again are:

Date: February 19, 2008
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm Eastern
Instructor: Mike Lowe

Did you get the NEW Informix developers newsletter!

Did you get the first and second editions? If not… Go here: /devnews

Topics included:

  • Configuring IDS to use DRDA
  • Using Data Studio to Expose your IDS queries as Web Services
  • Understanding Locks, Semaphores, Latches, Mutex and Conditions

I also have the scoop on the next edition. It is due out sometime mid February. Look out for it and get it while it’s hot.

So where in the world is Beaverton Oregon?

Fair question, I thought to myself. So I looked it up on Google Earth and by crikey it exists… right where it ought to be. “So what”, you say? Well, according to the knowledgeable John F Miller III, there will be a FREE Informix Tech Fair at the IBM Offices in Beaverton, on the 22nd of February this year. Like… that is just a few days away.

Some of the highlights (he insists) are:

  • Three Informix architects attending you can give feedback to the people who decide on the future direction of Informix.
  • Learn about and experience IDS Cheetah (IDS 11.10) technology, along with a glimpse at Cheetah2.
  • Get free advice/consultation from the experts on Informix issues.
  • Information on the 2008 IIUG conference in Lenexa, Kansas.
  • Fun prizes.
  • New product demos.

So… this is a must event for all beavers. However if you are just a normal Informix dude and you are hanging around Oregon looking for trouble, then you better get down there too and mix it with the seriously geeky.

IDS training from Advanced DataTools

Advanced DataTools is excited to announce the following Informix Dynamic Server training classes that have been scheduled for 2008 at the Annandale, Virginia Office. (Washington DC Area) The classes have been updated to include new features in IDS 11.

These Informix courses were developed and are taught by Advanced DataTools founder, Lester Knutsen, who is an Informix Certified Professional and a Certified Technical Trainer. Lester is an experienced consultant with a reputation for providing excellent training based on his extensive and up-to-date working knowledge of Informix.

As these classes fill up, more will be added to the schedule. And, as always, Advanced DataTools can develop custom courses and can teach onsite if requested.

February 2008

  • Feb 25-28 Informix IDS for DBAs

May 2008

  • May 19-22 Informix IDS Performance Tuning

July 2008

  • July 28-31 Informix IDS for DBAs

October 2008

  • Oct 14-17 Informix IDS Performance Tuning

Contact Cindy at cindy@advancedatatools.com.

Washington Area Informix User Group meeting – Thursday April 3, 2008

Date: Thursday April 3, 2008
Time: 9:00-12:00pm
Location: IBM Technical Exploration Center
4th Floor Classroom #2
8401 Greensboro Drive
McLean, VA 22102

Directions are on our web site. The meeting is open to all but registration is required.

Please register so we can provide IBM building security with a list of attendees:



  • Application Development Tools for Informix Users
  • Cool SQL aka SQL Lightning Talks by Darryl Priest
  • Four Js Application Development Tools for Informix by Stuart Litel of Kazer
  • IBM Data Studio that features pureQuery by David Beulke, Pragmatic Solutions, Inc.

Conference corner Back to top


The IIUG Conference Planning Committee is getting ready to officially announce the half day tutorials that will be available on Sunday April 27th, 2008.

An email announcement will be coming soon. There will be 8 half-day tutorials offered on a wide range of topics including an IDS 11 Certification Exam Cram, Advanced Support Troubleshooting Topics, The Open Administration Tool, Security with IDS, and using Hibernate.

Specific information on each session and registration info will be available within a week. Stay Tuned!

  • FREE FULL DAY TUTORIAL IS BEING OFFERED BY FOUR J’sFour J’s (http://www.4js.com), an IIUG Conference Gold Sponsor, will be offering a full-day tutorial on Sunday April 27, 3008 in conjunction with the IIUG conference. This tutorial will be provided at no cost to any paid attendee of the IIUG Conference, and will cover:
    • Genero 2.10 — Learn about the latest version of the Four J’s flagship application development product, a natural successor to Business Development Suite and Dynamic 4GL.
    • Genero Studio — Learn how to develop your Genero applications using Genero Studio, the integrated development environment (IDE) for the Genero Business Development Language. This graphical development tool allows you to create your forms using the graphical Form Designer, write source code (and easily spot errors while writing) using the Code Editor, debug your applications using the Graphical Debugger, and much more.
    • Genero Application Generator — Learn how to quickly generate a Genero application using Genero Application Generator wizards.
    • Genero Web Client — Learn about delivering your Genero application over the internet in a Web browser, allowing users to access the application without having to install client software on their PCs or hand-held devices. Learn about the various customization options available to your user interface designers, allowing the GUI design to take advantage of, and be customized for, specific browsers.
    • Genero and Web Services — Take advantage of Service-Oriented Architecture by creating or consuming Web services with your Genero application.

    The tutorial will discuss the migration of your current Informix 4GL applications, and how to create new applications for your Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) or Standard Engine (SE) databases for quick deployment in a Windows environment or over the Web.

    The tutorial will be given at the Marriott Overland Park at the same time as the IIUG tutorials, but space is strictly limited due to the size of the room, so as soon as registration is available for the IIUG Conference tutorials, you must register via the conference website.

  • FREE CERTIFICATION AT THE 2008 IIUG INFORMIX CONFERENCEFree IBM Informix certification will be offered at the 2008 IIUG Informix Conference in April during the following hours:
    Monday April 28th 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
    Tuesday April 29th 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Wednesday April 30th 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

    (We are working on Sunday April 27th afternoon hours. Continue to check the IIUG Conference web site)

    All IBM Information Management certifications will be offered AND there is no limit on the number of tests you can take. You can take any certification for and IBM Information Management product! These are normally like $150 each!

    For a list of certifications available go to the IBM website:


  • HIGHLIGHTED TECH SESSION AND SPEAKERSpeaker: David Jay — Technical Support Engineer, Lenexa KS

    Session: Sensor & Task functions in IDS 11.0: Performance and Administration Tips & Tricks

    Come to my presentation because ‘Sensors and tasks’ are an underutilized and tremendously valuable set of tools that any DBA can find useful. We will explore how they work, and go through a handful of samples that demonstrate ease of use. (Think of it as the difference between roasting toast over an open fire vs. using a modern toaster).

    What do I like about Kansas City? It is an Underdog! A mild-mannered place, which is quietly doing great stuff! SixNewThings.com last year ranked Kansas City eighth on a list of 12 “most intriguing new things.” The other entries were events or places, not cities. Shermanstravel.com listed Kansas City as fourth among 10 underrated US cities, saying it is ‘definitely deserving of buzz.”. Multiple diverse museums, great jazz and barbecue, and sports venues will keep most people satisfied. I also love the science and technology which keeps employment going strong. This is the place where Folgers coffee and M&Ms were invented. Several major companies are headquartered here, such as Applebee’s, Folgers, Garmin, and Sprint. The nicest thing for me is the centrality of travel. It is in the middle of the country; it is easy to drive around in the area, and it is easy to take off to remote locations by car or plane with very little hassle.

  • MORE REASONS TO COME TO KANSAS CITY!Oh… You want reasons to come to Kansas City besides a Great Informix Technical Conference?

    As part of the IIUG Conference Planning Committee AND a Kansas City resident, I decided that I would pick a interesting place to visit each month and highlight it in the Insider each issue leading up to the conference. This month’s highlighted venues are:

    The Country Club Plaza – Great shopping, restaurants and entertainment!

    No trip to Kansas City is complete without a visit to the Plaza. This 14-square-block outdoor shopping and entertainment district boasts romantic Spanish architecture, European art and dazzling fountains. Designed in 1922, the Plaza features boutiques and fashionable national stores as well as distinctive restaurants, outdoor cafes and nightlife hotspots.


    18th and Vine Historic Jazz District

    There’s no better place to learn about Kansas City’s jazz legacy than in this neighborhood that was once the epicenter of the city’s African-American community. Located just east of Downtown, the area features the American Jazz Museum and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in a combined museum complex. The Mutual Musicians Foundation, Blue Room jazz club and Black Archives of Mid-America are also located here.


    Cindy Lichtenauer
    International Informix Users Group – Board of Directors

    See you at the IIUG Informix Conference
    The Power Conference for Informix Professionals
    Marriott Overland Park
    April 27-30, 2008 Overland Park, KS

Informix resources Back to top

Informix blogs and things

Get the real oil on Informix from:

  • The IIUG forums at /forums/technical.php **** these are very good****
  • IDS Experts at http://www-03.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/idsteam
  • Guy Bowerman at http://www-03.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/gbowerman
  • Madisons blog at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/roundrep
  • Fernando Nunes at http://informix-technology.blogspot.com/
  • Bell Micro and the Informix City at http://www.informixcity.com/ Check out their Oracle survey 🙂
  • The Informix mag at http://www.informixmag.com/
  • JGP himself at http://www.jgp.net
  • The Informix Zone at http://www.informix-zone.com

Board News Back to top

Board elections are coming up soon. If you have read this far then you should get ready to vote. Announcment is due mid February…

Calendar of events Back to top

February – 2008
Date Event Location Contact
20-21 Portland Oregon, Informix Tech Fair IBM Offices, Beaverton Oregon John Miller
April – 2008
Date Event Location Contact
3 Washington DC Area Informix User Group Meeting IBM Facility, McLean, Virgina Lester Knutsen
27-30 2008 IIUG Informix Conference Overland Park, Kansas Cindy Lichtenauer

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In response to your input, we have created a page on the IIUG web site containing all the links we used to include. Please find it at:


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The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is an organization designed to enhance communications between its worldwide user community and IBM. IIUG’s membership database now exceeds 25,000 entries and enjoys the support and commitment of IBM’s Data Management division. Key programs include local user groups and special interest groups, which we promote and assist from launch through growth.

Sources: IIUG Board of Directors
Editors: David Fraser
Stuart Litel

For comments, ideas, information, more ideas, gossip, lies and general dudette type chatter, please send an email to david@iiug.org.

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