IIUG Insider (Inaugural Issue #1) May 17, 2002

Welcome to the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) Insider! It contains timely and relevant information for the IBM Informix community. You are receiving it because you are an IIUG member or a local Informix user group leader.

In response to your input, the IIUG Insider has replaced the IIUG Alert as our bi-weekly electronic publication. The IIUG Alert from hereon will be reserved only for urgent and time-sensitive information. All IIUG electronic publications are now archived in a single location at www.IIUG.org.


  1. European IBM Software Symposium – Discount Code for IIUG Members
  2. IBM Informix SE 7.25 Now Available for Free Download
  3. Informix Today Newsletter – Registration Instructions
  4. IBM Informix Product Portfolio White Paper v.3 – Get It Now!
  5. IIUG Software Repository News
  6. IIUG Webmaster Warning
  7. IBM Steals the Database Crown from Oracle
  8. Do You Need 32 TB of Storage?
  9. New IBM Informix Curriculum View Page
  10. Useful Links
  11. Closing and Credits

European IBM Software Symposium – Discount Code for IIUG Members

IBM has extended a 10% registration fee discount to IIUG members who attend the upcoming IBM Software Symposium 2002. Get the latest IBM Informix product roadmaps, as well as trends and insights about Data Warehousing, Content Management and Database Engines and learn about IBMs full e-business software portfolio.

To register, please visit www.ibm.com/events/software/symposium2002 and use this registration code: 02DM78.

For information on the IBM Informix product track sessions, please visit: /calendar/conference_corner.html

IBM Informix SE Personal Edition 7.25 Now Available for Free Download

Visit the Members Area at www.IIUG.org right away to download IBM Informix Standard Engine Personal Edition v.7.25 for Linux and Win2K!

Please note that to have access to this free and fully operational download, you must be an IIUG member with a current profile. IBM doesn’t support this software and you may not use it to run production applications.

IIUG would like to thank IBM’s Informix Standard Engine development and product marketing teams for making this possible, including Meg, Marcia, Jeff, Venkatesh and Hemant.

Informix Today Newsletter – Registration Instructions

In response to IIUG advocacy and your direct feedback, IBM is on the verge of launching a monthly newsletter solely dedicated to IBM Informix products and services. Registration is free at


IBM Informix Product Portfolio White Paper v.3 – Get It Now!

The IBM Informix Product Portfolio White Paper v.3 is a major revision of the original. Every product section goes farther and deeper, and the IBM Data Management vision is fully explained.

Get it now by contacting your IBM sales representative. Alternatively, the IIUG web site will provide a link to it around May 24th.

We encourage you to provide feedback by writing to President@IIUG.org.

IIUG Software Repository News


By popular request, old copies of the arcunload/archecker utility have been located and returned to the Special Software section of the Repository. If you are contemplating using this software, please note that it is still unsupported and still potentially dangerous. For more information visit /software/special_software.html.

Recent New Submissions and Updates

Software has recently been submitted or updated by Tom Garner, Art Kagel, Ravi Krishna and Vagner Pontes. For more information, please visit /software/repository_news.html.

IIUG Webmaster Warning

Individuals have been sending e-mail messages pretending to be the IIUG Webmaster or other IIUG leaders. They are simply entering these names in the “reply to” field and do not seem to contain viruses.

We regret the nuisance but want to clarify that these messages are not being routed through the IIUG server nor do they represent IIUG activity or interests in any way.

If you should receive any of these messages, please forward the e-mail header information to WebMaster@IIUG.org a subject line of “Bogus IIUG Message Received” will be placed in your message.

IBM Steals the Database Crown from Oracle

Helped by its billion-dollar purchase of Informix, IBM has replaced Oracle at the top of the database management software market, according to figures released early last week by Gartner.

For more information, we invite you to visit the following sites:




Do You Need 32 TB of Storage?

Researchers at IBM made headlines again earlier this month. IBM is attempting to build by the end of this year a 32-terabyte storage system out of a 3 x 3 x 3 array of 27 small, relatively simple hard-disk modules it calls collective intelligent bricks.

For more information, please visit:


New IBM Informix Curriculum View Page

IBM Learning Services communicated to IIUG that the new IBM Informix Curriculum View page is now live on their Web site in the US at


IBM’s Amiet Goldman said: “We believe that the new look is much cleaner and therefore hopefully our customers will find the information they need to enroll in classes and make training decisions more rapidly and with greater ease of navigation.”

Tell IIUG what you think of this new page by writing to President@IIUG.org.

Useful Links

  • Upcoming IBM US Conferences
  • Informix Page Within IBM PartnerWorld for Developers
  • IBM Informix Homepage
  • Recent Data Management Product Announcements
  • Informix News from IBM Data Management

Closing and Credits

The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is an organization designed to enhance communications between IBM and its worldwide user community. IIUG now approaches 14,000 members and enjoys the support and commitment of IBM’s Data Management division. Key programs include local user groups and special interest groups, which we promote and assist from launch through growth.

Sources: IIUG Board of Directors
Editors: David Smith and Fred Hubbard, IIUG Board of Directors

For comments, please send an email to ug@iiug.or g.

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By Vicente Salvador

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