IIUG Insider (Issue #131) May 2011

Highlights: Thank You note from Jerry Keesee for 2011 IIUG Conference

Welcome to the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) Insider! Designed for IIUG members and Informix user group leaders, this publication contains timely and relevant information for the IBM Informix community.



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Instead of my regular editorial I am inviting you to an Informix marketing game. It is called Discover Informix. Print the following image and circle the Informix logo.

The first one who comes to me at our next IIUG conference with it will gain an IIUG polo shirt.

Gary Ben-Israel
IIUG Insider Editor

President’s Note

I just wanted to write a short President’s Note to congratulate a few IIUG members. They are Andrew Ford, David Link, Bruce Simms and Kernoal Stephens — the new 2011 Class of IBM Information Champions from the Informix world. For more on this and the program visit /news/announcements/data_champions_11.php.

Also a heart felt “Thank You” to Sergio Ferreira, who after a number of years of dedicated service to the IIUG Board of Directors has stepped down so he can spend more time with his company, More Data (www.moredata.pt), where he a partner in Lisbon, Portugal. Sergio can still be reached at Sergio@iiug.org. Sergio, thank you for all your help, and we hope to continue to see you as an activate participant in the Worldwide and Portuguese Informix community.

Welcome to three new IIUG board members. Recently elected are Khaled Bentebal of Paris, France and Kernoal Stephens of Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Both bring over a decade of Informix experience and various user group participation. Also welcome to Pradeep Kutty who replaces Albert Martin as the official IBM Representative. We will all miss Al as he truly had Informix in his heart, but we know that Pradeep will keep the torch burning. Thank you again to Al for his two and a half years of dedicated service.

Finally, as many of you know, this past month we had the 2011 IIUG Informix Conference.

Thank you again to the entire Conference team of Warren Donovan, Sam Gentsch, Andrew Ford, Rhonda Hackenburg, Walt Hultgren, David Link, Cindy Lichtenauer, Bruce Simms and Kernoal Stephens for making 2011 such a successful event. In case you missed it, all the 2011 Conference presentations are available in the IIUG member area at www.iiug.org/members. Once you log in, click on the “Conference Downloads” button, followed by the 2011 IIUG Conference button. THANK YOU also to all the speakers and sponsors: IBM (platinum Sponsor), Fuzzy Logix (Gold Party Sponsor), Four Js Software, One Point Solutions and Preferred Partner (Gold Sponsors), Advanced Data Tools (Silver Sponsors), and AGS ServerStudio, Exact Solutions and Kazer (Bronze Sponsors) for making it such a successful event but also special Thank You to Dr David Ferrucci, our great keynote speaker and IBM’s newest Fellow, for a great session and for coming all the way to Kansas City!

Stuart Litel
IIUG President

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Thank You note from Jerry Keesee for 2011 IIUG Conference

I would like to congratulate the Conference Planning Committee and the IIUG Board for a very successful conference last week in Overland Park. There was a lot excitement around our new Ultimate Warehouse Edition and Genero offerings. IBM’s newest Fellow, Dr. David Ferrucci, and Watson were the stars of the conference.

The IBM team also delivered TimeSeries training on Thursday after the event was delivered to a packed room of partners and customers. I also want to Thank our partners and customers who attended the Partner and Customer Advisory Council. Feedback from the entire Informix community is extremely important to us and the Advisory Council is an excellent forum for open discussions around the direction of the industry and the Informix portfolio.

Jerry Keesee
World Wide Director, Informix Software

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2011 IIUG Informix Conference – Recap

This was indeed our best conference so far in terms of content and networking. Unfortunately there were too few of you to enjoy it. So much is going on with Informix and so much is coming soon. 11.7 xC3 will have some exciting new features. The variety of sessions made it hard to choose but on the other hand whichever session you picked it was a good choice. Meeting so many friends and having such a good time along with the technical education makes the IIUG conference a unique event.

The highlight of the conference was David Ferrucci’s keynote. It topped any keynote at any IBM conference I have ever been too. Those of you who attended owe a big thanks to Stuart Litel for getting David. We were told by a senior IBM executive that it cannot be done. This was all Stuart needed to hear in order to prove the opposite. The rest is history. Make sure you are coming to our next conference. We need you there.

That’s about it. The conference corner will be from now on about the IBM Information On Demand conference in Las Vegas.


IIUG Members save $100 on Information On Demand Global Conference 2011

Turn Insight into action at the Information on Demand 2011 global conference October 23-27, 2011 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Nevada. Experience proven technologies and meaningful business insights to improve performance while reducing costs. Choose from three technical forums that give you in-depth education including hands-on labs and usability sand boxes, and the thought-provoking forum for Business Leadership.

Registration is now open for IOD 2011 and being a privileged member of the IIUG, you can get a discount of $100 by using the Discount Code G11IIUG, which has been exclusively created for the IIUG members. In addition, take advantage of the Early Bird Registration discount of $300. That’s a total savings of $400if you register before August 31, 2011. Don’t miss out – Register today!


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Learn How to become the FASTEST Informix DBA from Lester Knutsen and Art Kagel!

Advanced DataTools

July 11 – 14, 2011 – Advanced Informix Performance Tuning Course

This course is for database administrators and application developers who will be responsible for managing, optimizing, and tuning an IDS database server. The focus is on skills, procedures, and scripts to improve the performance of your database server. The course will provide a toolkit of scripts and utilities to start monitoring and optimizing your IDS database server. (Cost $2,000 USD)

Class times are 9am to 5pm; dress is casual.

See http://www.advancedatatools.com/OurCompany/DirectionsMapsHotels.pdf for directions and hotels near Advanced DataTools’ Office.

For information and to register visit http://www.advancedatatools.com/Training/InformixTraining.html or call (703) 256-0267 Ext.101

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New in DeveloperWorks

An insider’s guide to star join optimization in IBM Informix Server
IBM Informix Server V11.70 introduced a new star join optimization feature that can significantly increase query performance for queries on star schemas and snowflake schemas. This article explains how star join optimization works in IBM Informix Server, and how you can affect query optimization by using newly introduced optimizer directives and session environment settings. It also shows you how to identify star join optimization in explain file.

05 May 2011

IIUG user view: Big data, big time
Stuart Litel talks about what big data can mean to Informix users.

03 May 2011

Database in the cloud
Data pros are adopting cloud computing concepts to offer databases as a service — easing management burdens and sending users to cloud nine. Learn about the three steps for getting started with database as a service.

03 May 2011

Informix DBA: Fastest Informix DBA contest III
DBA contestants face the challenge of performance tuning a multiuser OLTP Informix environment.

02 May 2011

For more information go to DeveloperWorks – Informix: /url/devworks.html

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HiT Offers API for Data Replication Tool

Published: May 24, 2011
By Alex Woodie

Third-party software vendors should find it easier to embed DBMoto, HiT Software’s (http://www.hitsoftware.com/) cross-platform database replication engine, into their own products as a result of new API work the BackOffice Associates (http://www.boaweb.com/) subsidiary has done with version 7.1.


HiT Software Introduces New Version of Change Data Capture Solution

Published: May 18, 2011
By Mark Donahue, managing editor

HiT Software, a vendor of data integration and change data capture products for heterogeneous database environments, has released DBMoto v7.1, the newest iteration of its change data capture product. DBMoto can now be embedded in enterprise data management environments as well as external data integration projects. IT teams, ISVs, and systems integrators can use DBMoto’s new open APIs to add change data capture functionality to their architecture within their application interfaces.

DBMoto expands database log-reading by adding support for IBM Informix transaction logs. Informix users get realtime change data capture functionality through log-reading versus direct database table access.

The new version also includes a Replication Activity Viewer for monitoring batch/realtime status and performance.


HiT Software Announces DBMoto for Enterprise Integration
Adds Informix Log-based Change Data Capture

Published: May 16, 2011

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–HiT Software®, Inc., a leading provider of Data Integration and Change Data Capture products for heterogeneous database environments, today announced DBMoto version 7.1, the newest version of its popular Change Data Capture product. DBMoto can now be embedded in enterprise data management environments as well as external data integration projects. IT teams, ISVs and systems integrators can use DBMoto’s new open APIs to easily add Change Data Capture functionality to their architecture within their application interfaces.

“DBMoto 7.1 is the first Change Data Capture product to deliver standalone log-reading for Informix databases, directly improving data availability for high-transaction businesses.”

DBMoto expands database log-reading by adding support for IBM Informix transaction logs. Informix users benefit from real-time Change Data Capture functionality through log-reading versus direct database table access, significantly reducing overhead on source databases.


IP network delivers services to max-security prisoners, without having to move them

Published: May 25, 2011
By William Jackson

The virtual directory server creates a single profile from multiple existing resources, in this case a Novell eDirectory and Informix database used for authenticating prisoners and authorizing their access to in-cell services. “We shield the complexity of different services, protocols and attributes from the application,” Schulz said.




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Prior to 11.70.xC2, Informix always treats character strings as case-sensitive by database operations. For example, a character string “New York” is different from “new york” or “New york”.

Starting with Informix version 11.70.xC2, you have choice to create a case-insensitive database. You need to use the NLSCASE INSENSITIVE option with the CREATE DATABASE statement to ignore the case of character string. For example:


Once you create a database with the NLSCASE INSENSITIVE property, use character data types NCHAR and NVARCHAR to support case-insensitive data. A case-insensitive database ignores letter case only on NCHAR and NVARCHAR data types, but it treats the other built-in character data types (CHAR, LVARCHAR, and VARCHAR) as case-sensitive. The NCHAR and NVARCHAR data types support a localized order of collation in some database locales.

You might noticed queries that include the ALL, DISTINCT, or UNIQUE keywords return different results from what the same query returns from a case-sensitive database into which the same character string values had been loaded. For example, the NVARCHAR strings “New York”, “new york”, and “New york” evaluate as identical in database that created with NLSCASE INSENSITIVE property, but the same three strings are processed as distinct values in case-sensitive databases.

Strings from CHAR, LVARCHAR, and VARCHAR data types are processed identically in case-sensitive database and in case-insensitive database by queries that use the ALL, DISTINCT, or UNIQUE keywords to include or exclude duplicate rows.

By default, database is still gets created as case-sensitive. The case-sensitive and case-insensitive, both type of databases are supported by the replication.

Sanjit Chakraborty

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Informix Genero – Product Announcement

IBM Informix Genero adds new platform support for Linux PowerPC , AIX , HP, Solaris, Sun, and Mac IBM United States Software Announcement 211-231
May 10, 2011


Doug Dailey
Informix Product Manager
Information Management
IBM Software Group

Informix Roadshows

Whether you’re new to Informix, or are one of our many loyal clients or business partners, we invite you to spend half a day with us to discover the next decade of Informix at IBM. Learn what’s new (we think you’ll be impressed); and find out why IBM Informix was voted number one in customer satisfaction for two consecutive years.

Discover Informix Roadshow led by Business Partner – UbCOIT


When: Jun 02, 2011
Where: Seoul, Korea

For more details contact hjlee@kr.ibm.com.

Informix Bootcamps

Informix Performance Tuning Bootcamp for IBM Business Partners.

This Bootcamp provides training in a classroom setting on Monitoring, Tuning, and Troubleshooting techniques for IBM Informix. Detailed presentations and hands-on labs are included where attendees will gain in-depth knowledge of tools and techniques.

For more information or to register for this no-charge workshop, visit:


Jun 8 – 10, 2011 Santiago, Chile
Jun 14 – 16, 2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jun 21 – 23, 2011 Seoul, Korea

Informix 11.7 Bootcamp

Informix 11.7 Bootcamp is for clients, Business Partners, and consultants interested in learning more about Informix and how it can enhance the value of solutions and extend market opportunities.

For more information including a detailed agenda, or to register for this no-charge workshop, visit:


Jun 20 – 22, 2011 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Resources for IBM Business Partners

There are numerous resources available for you, the IBM Business Partner to develop, enhance and there by enable your solutions on Informix. The IBM team can assist you right from your application conversion assessment phase all the way to your first successful customer implementation. Along the way we can provide you solution architecture reviews, database conversion assistance and solution validation assistance to develop sizing guides for our optimally integrated scalable solutions.

Once your solution is enabled, the “Ready for Informix” Partner Program is designed to help you demonstrate your commitment to quality in the IT industry and show your customers that your solutions meet IBM integration standards for Informix!

The program is FREE to join and the validation process is quick and easy to complete. Once validated, your company will be able to take advantage of several benefits, such as:

  • Use of the “Ready for Informix” mark on your solution marketing collateral: http://www.ibm.com/isv/tech/validation/informix
  • Company and Solution Hosting on the IBM Information Agenda Catalog: http://www.ibm.com/imaccelerator
  • Company and Solution Hosting on the IBM Information Management Solution Portal wiki. A partner driven website where you are provided your own user account to update content! http://www.ibm.com/software/data/bp-solutions
  • 50% discount on select sponsored messages in the IBM Data Management Magazine: http://www.ibmdmmagazinedigital.com/dmmagazine
  • 1 year of free unlimited voice and email technical support from IBM! (Valued at $3600 USD): http://www.ibm.com/isv/welcome/guide/pub_value.html#combined

Instructions to nominate your solution for Ready for Informix:

  1. Sign into the Global Solutions Directory: http://www.ibm.com/partnerworld/gsd/logon.do
  2. After you log in, click on “Nominate your solution for an IBM technical validation or specialty” from the left navigation bar.
  3. Select the solution you would like to nominate.
  4. Select the validation type: “Ready for IBM Informix data server software”, and hit “submit”.
  5. Review the information you just entered; fill in all extra required information, and hit “submit”.
  6. Process completed!

For more information about the “Ready for Informix” Partner Program please email validate@ca.ibm.com

On education, we currently offer three Informix boootcamps: Informix 11.70, Informix Warehouse and new this year, Informix Performance Tuning bootcamp that you can sign up for. Besides gaining valuable skills, at the end of the bootcamp you have a choice to take the Informix Technical Mastery Test or Informix product certification exam free of charge. Our registered business partners can enjoy the same Informix bootcamps online on the web.

Besides these, to develop an on-going relationship with your customers learn how to deliver a free Informix System Quick Review. The review will help you:

  • Recommend solutions to your customers addressing their current challenges
  • Promote teamwork with your customer to better utilize existing technology, and avoid future problems
  • Increase your customer’s business-critical productivity and competitiveness by leveraging new Informix functionality

Please contact your IBM Sales representative to learn more about Informix System Quick Review.


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Informix blogs and things

  • The IIUG forums at /forums/technical.php **** these are very good****
  • Art Kagel’s blog http://informix-myview.blogspot.com/ **** New *****
  • Andrew Ford’s blog http://www.informix-dba.blogspot.com/
  • Blogs, Videos, News and more at http://planetids.com
  • IDS Experts at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/idsteam
  • Mark Jamison at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/gbowerman
  • Madison Pruet at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/roundrep
  • Jacques Roy at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/jacquesroy
  • Cathy Elliott at https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/InformixVoices
  • Informix blogs at http://www.ibmdatabasemag.com/blog/main/archives/informix/
  • Kate Dawson at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/katedawson
  • Fernando Nunes at http://informix-technology.blogspot.com/
  • Virtual Worlds, MMOGs, Serious data – Informix Technology for Persistent Worlds http://informix4virtual.wordpress.com/
  • IBM DATABASE MAGAZINE at http://www.ibmdatabasemag.com
  • The Informix Zone at http://www.informix-zone.com
  • The Informix Mag at http://www.informixmag.com/
  • IIUG Developers Desktop /devnews/Vol_1_Iss_4/Home.html
  • Informix Newsletter in Germany http://www.informix-zone.com/informix-german-newsletter
  • Informix Newsletter in France http://www.informix-zone.com/informix-french-newsletter
  • There is an Informix group on LinkedIn. The group is called “Informix Supporter”, so anyone loving Informix can join, from current IBM employees, former Informix employees, to users. It will also be a good occasion to get in touch with others or long-time-no-seen friends. If you fancy showing the Informix logo on your profile, join. To join, simply go to http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/25049/5E4B2048E558.

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June – 2011
Date Event Location Contact
2 Discover Informix Roadshow led by Business Partner – UbCOIT Seoul, Korea HJ Lee
8-10 Informix Performance Tuning Bootcamp Santiago, Chile
14-16 Informix Performance Tuning Bootcamp Buenos Aires, Argentina
20-22 Informix 11.7 Bootcamp Sao Paulo, Brazil
21-23 Informix Performance Tuning Bootcamp Seoul, Korea

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The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is an organization designed to enhance communications between its worldwide user community and IBM. The IIUG’s membership database now exceeds 25,000 entries and enjoys the support and commitment of IBM’s Data Management division. Key programs include local user groups and special interest groups, which we promote and assist from launch through growth.

Sources: IIUG Board of Directors
IBM Corp.
Editors: Gary Ben-Israel

For comments, please send an email to gary@iiug.org.

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