The Open-Source for Informix Project

Welcome to the open-source for Informix project! The goal of this project is to make popular open-source applications and tools available to the Informix community. As a first step, the required modifications will be available here while we are working with the appropriate open-source communities to get them integrated with their product.

What follows is a list of active or completed projects, followed by a list of open-source products we'd like to see run on Informix. If you know of products that already support Informix, want to add to our wish list, volunteer to work on a product, or simply send us your comments, feel free to contact the project coordinator at

The patches available on this site are posted in good faith. You take responsibility for any problems that these patches may cause.

Active projects (in alphabetical order)

Alfresco In progress    
Work is being done by MoreData, contact information
Bugzilla In progress    
Bug tracking system
Drupal Patch README Download 6.16
Download 7.7
Drupal version 6.16, requires Informix 11 and PDO_IBM. A new addition to this entry as of September 30: Drupal 7. The downloadable zip file include README files.
The Brazil Informix users group uses this. See:
Geronimo Supported    
Already supports Informix using the JDBC driver
Hibernate Patch README Download
  Informix 11.70 dialect for hibernate 3.6.1     Dialect
Improve current Informix dialect
iBATIS Working    
iBatis should only require the installation of the Informix JDBC or IBM JCC driver to work with Informix
Mediawiki 1.15.x Beta README Download
Version 1.15.1 to 1.15.3. Requires Informix 11.50 with PDO_IBM
OpenJPA Working    
This was tried by Bernhard Gramberg ( Thank you Bernhard!
The Informix dictionary can be found at: //
PDO_IBM // Patched driver   Download
Over the last year, a few patches have been created for the PDO_IBM driver
This includes, for example, support for the lvarchar data type. To make it easy for everyone, we are making this available here.
Tomcat Supported    
Already supports Informix using JDBC
XWiki Patch README Download
Version 2.2.5
Zabbix Patch README Download
Zabbix version 1.8.4. Informix patch provided on March 11, 2011

Project Candidates (in alphabetical order)

Commercial open-source Jira and Confluence
Commercial open-source. Application server, portal, etc.
Content management system
Driver already available, may require attention
Commercial ERP open-source