Evolution of support

A message from Al Martin (Manager, Data Servers Global Support)

Abstract: In this short letter, Al Martin, Support Manager for Data Servers Global Support, explains how support will evolve for Informix Users.


Dear IIUG Member,

IBM Support and Services maintain a very close relationship with the International Informix Users Group (IIUG). Like the IIUG, the IBM Data Management Organization is committed to the success of Informix customer's world wide. IBM Support maintains a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction and customer loyalty. Our mission is to evolve and transform our business operations to provide the best experience possible.

In today's ever-increasing, complex environment, a common support structure provides an efficient interface to drive down time to resolution. As a result, one of IBM's 2008 support initiatives is to further integrate Informix into IBM's standard support process. This is a strategic move to align IBM Informix with the product's vision of growth. The value proposition is to improve language capability, expand support into emerging markets, further integrate Informix towards a common experience, and better match talent to the aspects of the support process where skills fit best.

The investments we are making in WW Support are intended to bring problem resolution closer to the client and ensure a common, efficient and streamlined process. As a tenured customer you may notice that entitlement will be separated from the resolution process in an effort to foster a direct path to Subject Matter Expert. Additionally, analyst responsiveness will be transitioning to a callback model outside the US and Canada, to improve the local language support offering and target the right skill to address the incident in question. During this evolution towards improved service delivery, IBM's Follow-The-Sun (FTS), high availability service will remain unaltered.

Utilizing our strong partnership with IIUG, IBM welcomes your experience and feedback to make certain the right moves are being taken to continually improve your support experience. It is IBM's objective to exceed your every expectation. The leadership team will keep you informed of any further improvements in our support deliverables.

Should you have any comments or concerns please send your feedback to tsmail@us.ibm.com. Thank you for your loyalty.

- The IBM Data Management Support Team

Al Martin
SWG Client Support - Information Management Software
Manager, Data Servers Global Support