Die 'sanfte' Revolution (The "soft" Revolution)

Two new articles in German from IIUG Director's Award winner Eric Herber ( http://www.informix-zone.com). Here is the summary of them:

The new version excels with sophisticated replication and intelligent load balancing. New features allow the construction of highly available, scalable database clusters based on cost efficient hardware.

Engine of Growth

Informix achieved excellent growth rates in the last two years and counts for the engine of growth in IBM's database business. Beside the traditional markets retail, telecommunication, finance or government, IDS expands in new areas like Online-Gaming. An efficient, highly available and scalable platform is the prerequisite to guarantee fast response times for thousands of simultaneous active players. Providers in this area prefer IBM IDS which meets those requirements perfectly.

With IDS V11.5 IBM offers a database system, that is primarily suited for critical, transaction intensive environments which require a round-the-clock availability. The in IDS V11 introduced and in IDS V11.5 further enhanced MACH technology, allows the construction of highly available database clusters based on cost efficient hardware. Also in the area of integrated solutions (application plus database) IDS stands out with it's flexible installation, the easy embedability in the application as well as the minimal resource requirements. The IDS technology allows IBM the coverage of new markets like Online-Gaming or the MAC platform. The soft "IDS-Revolution" inside IBM is going forward.

Link: http://databasepro.de/.

(11 November 2008)