That's the way we celebrate Cheetah in Paris...

Good IIUG friend Gary Proctor taming another kind of cheetah

IIUG partnered with Vmark for this Informix celebration in Paris. We had all the classic roadmap, new features, even NDA stuff, well, as we say in French, LA TOTALE!

Just before lunch break, Jules came. Jules is a lovely cat, whose passion is crunching Oracle users. He felt home with us and no one was hurt. Jules, a 2.5 year cheetah, was really impressive.

In the afternoon, we had a few tech session: Web 2.0 and Informix by me (Jean Georges Perrin), SolidDB Universal Cache and Upgrading to IDS 11, tips and tricks by Laurent Revel of IBM Premium Support, as well as good friend of IIUG.

Nice day, great content, great people. The only negative point was. the weather ;-).


(20 November 2008)