Informix Database Tools Survey

The Informix product management team is conducting a database development and management tools survey to help determine current needs around managing, monitoring, performance tuning and modelling for the Informix database. We recognize that the database domain you interact with continues to offer challenges and your needs will continue to grow.

Database development and management tools are used to develop, load, reload, reorganize, recover, or otherwise manage and optimize databases and to maintain replica databases for recovery, performance, or availability purposes. This work also includes SQL optimization tools, database security, and other database utilities. We not only want to better understand what you need, but also how and where you want to perform these types of activities.

We would like to collect your feedback through this informal database tools survey. The feedback that you provide will prove valuable as we continue to set our forward direction around database development and management tools. As always, we appreciate our Informix community of users and anxiously await your feedback!


Informix Product Management

3 March 2011