HiT Software and Kazer Bring Informix Heterogeneous Data Replication

San Jose, California and Lee's Summit, Missouri, March 31, 2008 — Kazer, Inc., a Premier IBM Business Partner dedicated to assisting customers design and implement solutions to manage their critical data, and HiT Software, Inc., an established player in the data integration and access (DIA) market, today announced added support for replication of IBM Informix Dynamic Servers within heterogeneous environments.

DBMoto now enables Informix administrators to incrementally and intelligently replicate IDS database transactions to all other major databases. Transactional replication enables maximum concurrency of target databases for accurate application processing or decision support in business intelligence and reporting. DBMoto supports the replication of third party database information to Informix as a target. DBMoto allows for superior data transformation via complete scripting offering intelligent, business logic-based replication. Informix administrators have never had such a powerful, flexible heterogeneous data management tool.

DBMoto also adds support for synchronization of non-transaction log-based database platforms, administration tools and script capabilities. Enhanced replication rules management allows for more efficient administration. Support for remote call of stored procedures and alternate security access enable more sophisticated replication logic. DBMoto supports replication between eighteen different relational databases including all major database platforms.

Dave McDowell, President of Kazer, an IBM Business Partner serving the Informix user community, believes that the DBMoto support for Informix will open new opportunities for Informix-based IT teams. "A number of Informix clients have the need to integrate their data into adjoining processes throughout their enterprise," said Mr. McDowell. "DBMoto will enable these organizations to easily and cost effectively achieve these goals."

Giacomo Lorenzin, CEO at HiT Software, explains that the latest release of DBMoto firmly anchors it as a key IT tool for every Informix IT team. "DBMoto's support for the Informix platform is a significant need for businesses which rely on its high performance in OLTP-based applications," said Mr. Lorenzin. "Our development teams have worked with IBM and Kazer to ensure that DBMoto offers excellent performance and manageability." DBMoto can be downloaded immediately for a no-cost 30-day evaluation from www.hitsw.com. For pricing, please contact Kazer at (888) 886-7722. Current DBMoto customers with active annual maintenance and support coverage may upgrade at no additional cost.

About HiT Software, Inc.

HiT Software is an established player in the data integration and access (DIA) market. For more than a decade, HiT Software products have been providing access to critical data, enabling data availability and offering programming-free data integration across enterprise systems. HiT Software standards-based products perform real-time, bidirectional replication between all major databases; execute real-time, bi-directional transformations between XML and all major databases; and connect applications to IBM DB2 databases via .NET, OLE DB, ODBC and JDBC standards.

Founded in 1994, HiT Software is relied upon by thousands of organizations around the globe. HiT Software products are sold and supported worldwide by the HiT Software direct sales team, international subsidiaries, and authorized channel partners. Additional information is available at www.hitsw.com, by e-mail at info@hitsw.com, or by telephone at +1(408) 345-4001.

About Kazer, Inc.

Kazer is an IBM Business Partner specializing in IBM Data Servers, Informix and DB2. Their professionals bring the business focus, project management experience, and technology expertise required to successfully deliver business-critical technology solutions. These solutions span a breadth of platforms, devices and networks, including integration with legacy systems, development of business applications, and web-based functionality. Kazer is a Missouri Corporation established in January of 1989.

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