Announcing Informix 11.7: The Next Decade of Informix at IBM

On behalf of the entire IIUG, let me say "THANK YOU" to the outstanding people of the IBM Informix development staff and all the people who were part of this outstanding release. Congratulations on the latest release and THANK YOU again!!

To members of the IIUG, Informix 11.7 Developer Edition is now available for free download on the IIUG web site to all members for 12 different operating system/platforms. Simply visit the member area and click on SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS button and the click on Infromix-11.7XC1 button (NOTE: your Member Profile must be have been updated since July 1, 2010 to download. If you have not done so, please visit the MEMBERSHIP and PROFILE section area of the MEMEBR area to complete the update and you will be permitted to get the downloads)

Stuart Litel
President - International Informix User Group
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October 13, 2010


Today IBM announced the release of Informix 11.7 (formerly known as Panther). I will give you a brief overview of the release and then provide some links where you can find more information.

Every Informix release begins and ends with Quality, Ease of Use, and Performance. We have been working with many of you as Early Validation Testers (EVP) for over seven months and have incorporated your feedback content into release. I am proud of the work of our "scrum" teams consisting of members of Development, QA, ID, Customer Service and Usability for their maniacal focus on quality. Every new feature is expected to be easily consumable right out of the box. And EVP exit surveys gave Informix 11.7 very high marks on ease of use. A requirement for every release is to show measurable performance improvement over the previous release. One proof point is that Informix 11.7 with IBM Power 7 HW is 60% percent faster than Power 6 with no application changes.

Listed below are some of the major themes for Informix 11.7:

Zero down time for maintenance and upgrades: The new Informix Flexible Grid feature means your scheduled upgrades and system maintenance can be performed without application or database downtime. . If you are managing a large number of database instances you can reduce the amount of time required to deploy updates to your database objects by as much as 80%. You can also incorporate heterogeneous hardware and operating systems into your grid. All of these capabilities save you time and money.

Analytics Enhancements: Informix 11.70 significantly improves its ability to handle warehousing workload in order to meet the increasing demand for analytics of transactional and historical data. Informix 11.7 incorporates many key features from XPS. Customers currently running XPS or Red Brick should consider the warehousing capabilities available in Informix 11.70. Some EVP testers reported a 50% improvement in performance for analytical queries.

Enhanced DBA tools: Informix 11.7 gives the best DBAs in the world (Yes, the best DBAs in the world manage Informix environments) even more tools to unleash the power of the Informix engine with features that simplify packaging and deployment; enhance storage and memory management and automate task scheduling. Selective auditing improves server performance as well as simplifies audit trails. In addition, the new release 8 of Server Studio and Sentinel takes advantage of the rich SQL API in the Informix 11.70 to provide enhancements in the ease-of-use, system analytics and server administration areas, along with additional server automation capabilities.

Enhanced Developer Productivity: Products like Optim Development Studio and IBM Mashup Center will enhance developer productivity. With Informix 11.70, many powerful data types, such as, MQ Series, Spatial, Time Series, etc., are built in, providing a competitive advantage for solution providers.

Deep Embed: Informix 11.7 includes enhanced tools for configuring the size of the footprint, packaging and deployment to simplify a solution provider's ability to customize the Informix offering. An additional focus in Informix 11.7 to was to enhance the ability to continuously monitor the Informix engine and take corrective actions based on policies defined by the application or the DBA

Cloud Computing and Virtualization: The Informix Flexible Grid compliments the absolute low cost of administration and makes Informix a perfect choice for virtualization and public and private clouds. Informix 11.70 allows to backup to and restore Informix database data from and to cloud storage. Storing data on the cloud provides scalable storage that can be accessed from the web.

Please read the press release ( and announcement ( for more information.

We are excited to let Panther out of its cage. It is a very powerful release of Informix and a significant milestone as we enter the next decade as part of the IBM team. My team and I greatly appreciate the time, commitment and great feedback from all of the EVP participants. Finally, I congratulate the Informix team for all their hard work, dedication and for a job well done.

My guess is that we've seen the last of the "cat" releases from the Informix team; but not the last of the Informix releases. We're already well into the planning phase of vNext. All we need is a new theme.

I hope to see all of you in Las Vegas at IOD 2010.



Jerry Keesee
Director WorldWide Development
IBM Informix

(13 October 2010)