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Where in the World is Informix? Everywhere

The past summer has been a whirlwind for Informix users around the globe. IDS 11, announced in June and now available, has Business Partners, customers and IBMers buzzing about the new features and capabilities of the legendary server.

The "Cheetah" has been unleashed for a few months, but the training activities have continued to attract great crowds over the summer. More events are scheduled this fall, including technical 3-day workshops designed to help you make revenue with IDS 11. The workshop covers server installation tasks and application building and is 25% lab participation. By the end of the 3 days, attendees will be able to utilize the latest and greatest IDS features, and begin to create and implement solutions. This event is definitely a must for anyone looking to take advantage of the many enhancements in IDS 11.

But don't take our word for it. The success of the past workshops speak for themselves. They've been running for several months now around the globe, and have routinely drawn enthusiastic crowds. From Lenexa to London and Beijing to Bogota, attendees have been very vocal about their excitement over the new release. In many cities, they've stayed late to participate in labs and provided very positive comments.

Presenter Scott Pickett is the talk of the blogworld for his "addictive presentations." At his Croatia workshop, attendees got up close and personal with IDS 11 during the labs, performing configurations in just minutes. Scott's announcement of even more exciting new features was met with a "rapturous reception" and declarations by attendees that they are ready to start using Cheetah. View the slideshow of the Croatia workshop.

Across the globe, the impressive list of enhancements sparks excitement among Informix users. In particular, discussion of the Open Admin tool generated high interest and follow-up questions. Attendees also wanted to know more about check-pointing algorithms, non-blocking checkpoints and shared disc secondary servers. Participants were already starting to process what they had learned and apply it; most questions focused on how to make the best use of the new features in the real world. Lab feedback was outstanding as people were impressed at how easy IDS 11 is to run, set and maintain.

If you want to experience this can't-miss 3 day technical event for yourself, mark your calendar and register for a workshop in a city near you today. Cities are still being added, so check the registration site for updates (For cities without a hotlink, please send an email to to enroll).

Warsaw, PolandSeptember 26-28 (led by Scott Pickett and Jan Musil)
Madrid, SpainOctober 2-4 (led by Jose Gallud)
RussiaOctober 8-10 (led by Scott Pickett)
Brussels. BelgiumOctober 9-11 (led by Jose Gallud)
Stockholm, SwedenOctober 22-24 (led by Scott Pickett)
Stockhold, Sweden 2October 29-31 (led by Scott Pickett)
Manila, PhilippinesOctober 29-31 (led by John Isaac)
Hong KongNovember 5-7 (led by John Isaac)
Cape Town, South AfricaNovember 7-9 (led by Scott Pickett & Anne Marie Switzer)
Johannesburg, South AfricaNovember 12-14 (led by Scott Pickett & Anne Marie Switzer)

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