Announcing the Adria Informix Users Group

In Zagreb on 15 October the Adria Informix Users Group (Adria IUG) was established for international users of IBM Informix database management in Southeast Europe. The founding assembly was held in the University Computing Center (Srce), University of Zagreb, with the presence of 10 organizations associated with Informix technology.

Adria IUG aims for the exchange of knowledge and experience with the use of Informix technology, fostering mutual relations of partners who use Informix technology and end users, improving the relationship with IBM Corporation users, and will operate in Southeast Europe. The Adria IUG will organize activities that will realize these objectives and will organize various events. The first such gathering will be on Tuesday, the 17th of November 2009. Adria IUG will be meeting along with 2 Board members of Adria IUG in Tomislavov dom (hotel?) near Zagreb. A schedule of events will be published on the website of the Association soon...

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The Adria IUG web site ( was launched on Oct 29th. The site is up and running. Please understand, however that it is still under construction. Therefore, one should expect occasional problems when accessing the site and there may be incompleteness of some data.