IBM publishes a new IDS Proof of Technology (PoT) on Enterprise Replication!

In mid-February IBM published another in a growing library of IDS PoTs titled "Discovering and Using Informix Dynamic Server Enterprise Replication Topologies." IBM IDS PoTs are one-day, customer-oriented events generally held in IBM locations world-wide that give customers the opportunity to "kick the tires" and evaluate one or more pieces of technology to understand how it works and the value it could have in their business. The events are free of charge and include an educational session followed by guided hands-on practice with the feature(s) in a virtual machine environment.

Typically, a PoT session requires 5 or more confirmed attendees to be held. If your company has sufficient attendees, the class can be brought to you if a suitable local IBM location is not available. If not, the IBM coordinator will work with you to get other people in your area who might be interested in attending in order to hold the class. While the PoTs are taught world-wide, the materials are in English so basic read fluency is required. Some prerequisite knowledge of IBM Informix Dynamic Server is very helpful but not required. It is recommended that those attending have an understanding of data server technology, data server administration as well as general data programming. The labs will be executed in a Linux® environment so a basic fluency in Linux/Unix commands, including the vi editor is helpful.

The following PoTs are currently available and more are coming shortly:

So how can you go to one of these PoTs? Contact your authorized IDS sales resource. If not with IBM, they can coordinate with IBM to hold a class in your area.

(18 February 2009)