New Resource Helps Find Open Jobs Requiring Informix Skills

If 2013 is the year when you are in the market for a new job opportunity, then can be a key resource in your search. This web site brings together open positions from participating companies worldwide and includes robust filtering capabilities that let you find positions by city, state or country; by a specific job title; and even all positions for a specific company.

Sponsored by IBM, this resource is designed to connect skilled Informix professionals with open positions. The right skills help enable IBM customers to be more successful when they have the skills they need, while also assisting the community of technical professionals with Informix skills to find their next opportunity. Note that any positions for which you apply for are handled directly with the employer. Check it out!

This web site is powered by Direct Employers, a non-profit organization that is a consortium of leading global employers who have come together to improve labor market efficiency. If you are an employer interested in posting open positions, please contact Direct Employers.