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IBM Informix Hypervisor Edition V11.70: Optimizes Informix Ultimate Edition V11.70 for deployment into virtualized environments Provides an Informix Hypervisor with deployed functionality on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for the IBM Enterprise Linux Server and AIX For ordering, contact your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800…(Read More)

This is primarily a maintenance release. There are, however, some enhancements around HTML5 Support along with BAM templates and some other smaller items. A new client called the Web Hybrid Client is also introduced. There is a What’s New document for this release and the IBM download site has also been updated with the…(Read More)

Westfleisch e.G.


Joachim Badde the CIO of Westfleisch describes his new Informix solution as: “High-volume meat production is a logistical challenge. This new solution provides us with critical business data from our nine meat-production locations much faster and more reliably than before.” Read the complete Informix success story on IBM’s website…(Read More)