Webcast 13th Dec 11:00 AM SGT – Building scalable IoT security solutions from edge to cloud with Blockchain and IBM Analytics


The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we live and work. Lack of security is a major reason that is hindering IoT adoption on a massive scale, as each new device represents a new attack vector for hackers to exploit. Smart Axiom’s patented innovative security solution harnesses the power of IBM Analytics and Blockchain technology to protect IoT networks from the edge to the cloud.

Tune in to listen to how SmartAxiom solution helps businesses harness IoT technology more safely by reducing the risk of malicious attacks, avoiding potentially multi-million-dollar losses by keeping systems online and providing cutting edge security solution to fill in IoT adoption gap.

Date – 13 December 2017
11:00 AM SGT,12:00 PM Korea, 2:00 PM Australia,10:00 AM Indonesia, 8:30 AM India,10:00 PM EST ( 12th Dec)


Jonathan Braniff

Co-Founder – Global Strategist and Business Development – SmartAxiom

Jim McCarthy
Lead Solutions Architect – SmartAxiom

Peng Yuen Loke
Global Business Development & Sales Leader,
Embedded Analytics Software – IoT & Cross Industries, IBM Cloud

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