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Recent New Submissions and Updates

utils2_ak Update to utils2_ak package w/ v12.10 support

myschema.ec: Added support for new v12.10 features. Fixed syntax error in REVOKE EXECUTE commands when -O is enabled. New option --squish-triggers to eliminate white space in large triggers. New option -K to name auto-generated indexes using the table name rather than tabid and constrid. Fixed a bug in the -U option. Enhanced -v to print additional status steps. New option --no-storage-options to suppress IN clauses. Fixed a bug when -o and --drop-proc are used together. Fixed a bug in myexport support. Fixed --infrastructure to work with v9.40 and an output script bug if chunks have been dropped and new chunks added later.

ul.ec - Fixed include for inet.h on HPUX

dbcopy.ec - Fixed WITHOUT REPLICATION code. Added -O option to override restriction against copying a table onto itself. Added -E option to control the number of permitted errors before forcing an abort. Added support for new 2GB max fetch/put buffer. Fixed problem compiling on HPUX.

dbsavail.ec - Fixed KB calculations and blobspaces

Submiited by:  Art Kagel  2013-05-06
utils2_ak Update

Myschema: Fixed uninitialized variables.
Fixed memory overrun problem in print_procedures.ec.
Fixed handling of BIGSERIAL (again) for IDS versions prior to 11.50.
Added a new utility, dbscript, which takes a command and prints out a script to apply it to selected tables.
Moved an updated version of dbsavail.ec from utils_ak to utils2_ak with expanded reporting for newer IDS releases.

Submiited by:  Art Kagel  2012-12-19
utils2_ak Update

Myschema: Fixes to --infrastructure & --myexport-scripts. Fixed support for 7.xx engines. Improved sequence support. Dostats_ng: Expanded several internal strings to prevent memory overflows.

Submiited by:  Art Kagel  2012-11-12
utils2_ak Minor Update
This update contains corrected calculations of the various sizing parameters output by the --infrastructure option.

Submiited by:  Art Kagel  2012-08-26
utils2_ak Major Update

dbdelete: Removed the progress printout if -S is specified and redirected the version printout to stdout from stderr.

dostats_ng.ec: Improved error printouts. Added a new option, --error-count, to return the number of errors encountered when -n is specified. Without the new flag, -n returns 0 unless the maxerrs count is exceeded. Fixed LOW stats progress trace to separate column names with commas properly. Expanded some strings to eliminate overflows.

myschema: Fixed order by clause when -o is passed in. Fixed a problem affecting databases with more than 2^31 rows in any table.Added support for new option --index-online to add the ONLINE keyword to create index statements. Added support for foreign keys created with the INDEX DISABLED option. Fixes a compile time problem affecting AIX and other C compilers that do not recognize the C++ comment characters (//). Removed outdated warning about constraint indexes from the output. Fixed constraints printouts to support owners. Full support for -O and --set-owner are followed and constraint owners are printed by default.

ul.ec: Added support for NCHAR and NVARCHAR type columns. Thanks to Aleksander Kamenik for pointing out the omission.

dbstruct: Fixed output bug introduced with 4GL support. Fixed compile time problem on AIX.

sqlstruct: Fixed compile time problem on AIX.

Submiited by:  Art Kagel  2012-08-13
sqlcmd-88.00 New release of sqlcmd
SQLCMD 88.00 has been released to the IIUG Software Archive. Despite the new version number, it is mainly a maintenance release of SQLCMD, with fractional second sleep times being the primary feature of interest that was added

Updated by:  Jonathan Leffler  2012-07-20
ifx_xferdb New

This script helps facilitate importing database data across platforms using External tables and PIPES.
Submiited by:  Santosh Sajiip  2012-06-04
partn Update
Version 2.0
Decodes partnum/tblnum values.

Submiited by:  Richard Harnden  2012-04-19
utils2_ak Update

Updates to several utilities in the package:

Myschema: Shifted the implicit/explicit keyword to upper case for consistency. Fixed a bug that was ignoring casts from or to built-in(non-UDT) types.

Dostats: Fixed a bug in SET ISOLATION when executing immediately. Fixed a bug in --drop-distributions. Added --clean-distributions for cleaning out old distributions when only specific tables are being processed. Can be used globally, but --drop-distributions will tend to be faster. Restricted --drop-distributions from being used with -t, -x or -i since it would drop distributions from all tables and then only rebuild the distributions for the specified tables. Thanks to Ashok Sharma for pointing out these bugs.

Submiited by:  Art Kagel  2012-01-30

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Aubit4GL The Aubit Open Source Informix-4GL compatible complier and other 4GL development tools.
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