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SPL - Stored Procedures

Individual Files

add_date_eom Adds/subtracts dates, forcing bad results to end-of-month [MISC, SPL] Download View
currentdb Stored procedure that returns current database name [MISC, SPL] Download View
datespl_jl Stored procedures that calculate several ISO 8601 date values [SPL] Download View
exec_sql_udr Bladelet that provides dynamic SQL functionality within an SPL procedure [C, ORDBMS, SPL, SQL] Download Info
informixtypes Stored procedures to decode coltype and collength into strings [SPL] Download Info
intvl_conv Functions to convert intervals [ESQLC, MISC, SPL] Download View
mdspatial Multi-dimensional spatial datablade module [C, ORDBMS, SPL] Download Info
mkfinderr Creates unload file of first lines of all Informix error messages for use in a table accessible via SPL [KSH, MISC, SPL] Download View
newupper A version of upper() designed to run faster [MISC, SPL] Download View
orclproc Oracle function equivalents as stored procedures [DBA, ISQL, SPL] Download View
period Bladelet that provides SQL support for managing fixed time intervals [C, ORDBMS, SPL, SQL] Download Info
random_spl Stored procedures for generating a random number [ISQL, SPL] Download View
soundex_spl Stored procedure to return a 5-position Soundex code [I4GL, MISC, SPL] Download View
spl_jl_20021010 Collection of stored procedures and functions, some of which are more recent versions of those appearing in other Repository packages [SPL] Download View
spsl Stored procedure that shows who owns locks on a table [DBA, SPL] Download View
unixtimespl Stored procedures that convert seconds to/from datetime values, which is often helpful in Unix environments [MISC, SPL] Download View
upper_spl Methods for upshifting characters in SPL [ISQL, MISC, SPL, SQL] Download View
upshift_spl Methods for upshifting characters in SPL [ISQL, MISC, SPL, SQL] Download View

Other Sources for Software

This section contains links to other sources for software. To be listed in this section, software must be of broad applicability in an Informix enviroment, such as database development and management utilities or general purpose end-user tools. It must also be open source or freeware, or must have a free demo or evaluation version available.

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