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MISC - Miscellaneous Routines and Utilities

Individual Files

ls-lR Modified 'ls -lR' of entire FTP archive (alphabetic order) [MISC] Download View
ls-ltR Modified 'ls -ltR' of entire FTP archive (most recent additions and updates listed first) [MISC] Download View
add_date_eom Adds/subtracts dates, forcing bad results to end-of-month [MISC, SPL] Download View
aqb_free Active Query Builder is a visual query builder component that allows your end-users to build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual query building interface. [C, MISC] Download Info
ar2 A portable ar-compatible archiver [C, MISC] Download Info
areacode Utilities and data for N. American telephone area codes [MISC] Download View
ascii Package for ASCII() and CHR() functions - numbers to characters and vice versa [MISC, SQL] Download Info
asql_yacc ANSI-compliant SQL parser [C, LEX, MISC, YACC] Download View
beautify-unl Reformats UNLOAD files and fetched data into neat columns [Perl] [AWK, MISC] Download Info
chkmsg Displays messages in Informix message files [C, ESQLC, MISC] Download View
comma2unl Several methods for converting comma-quote files to unload format [AWK, C, MISC, PERL] Download View
currentdb Stored procedure that returns current database name [MISC, SPL] Download View
dbftosas Converts .dbf files for SAS loading [MISC, PERL] Download View
dbldfmt Converts a fixed-field-length file to LOAD format [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
dbping Simple timing to see if your database connection is up [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
dbweb-1.0.3 Web based database interrogator and remote monitor [C, DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
escape UNIX/Windows shell script to preserve spaces in arguments [C, MISC] Download Info
entropymap Dirty bit of 4GL to display extent entropy in a dbspace as html [DBA, I4GL, MISC] Download Info
errmsgtbl Creates a database table of Informix error messages [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
find_tmp_tbls Lists temp tables per session in an instance using onstat [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC] Download Info
format_ps Formats the output of ps -el, shows in a tree-like format who started what - oninit processes are shown as owning shm segments (IDS not XPS) [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
fragments.shar Details on every tablespace (including fragments ) on a server [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC] Download Info
idstools A collection of numerous tools for I4GL and ESQL/C development, and database administration of IDS [AWK, C, DBA, ESQLC, I4GL, MISC, SH] Download Info
ifmx_user Counts the number of concurrent Informix users (sessions) [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
InformixDB Python DB-API Implementation for IBM Informix [ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
infotable Gives comprehensive information about a table similar to Oracle's "describe" command [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
infspy Watches SQL activity over TCP/IP connections [C, MISC, SQL] Download View
intvl_conv Functions to convert intervals [ESQLC, MISC, SPL] Download View
ipa.info.pl Extract outstanding IPA information from 'oncheck -pT' output [MISC, PERL] Download View
isextract Unloads data from C-ISAM files [C, DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
isqlperl12 isqlperl 1.2 - perl interface to Informix databases [C, MISC, PERL, SQL] Download View
killidle Monitors and kills idle processes [AWK, DBA, MISC] Download View
listiem Lists contents of Informix error message file [C, MISC] Download View
load2 Library of ESQL/C generic data load/unload functions for Informix database + couple of useful utilities which makes use of this library (xml loader for example). [C, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
lockrep Reports tables locked by users [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
long2time Converts an ER timestamp into display format [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
lwt_install Windows embedability tool to deploy pre-configured IDS instances [C, DBA, MISC] Download Info
makedic Makes a data dictionary listing file [I4GL, MISC] Download View
meta_qa Detect differences between source data and a table [I4GL, KSH, MISC] Download Info
metaphone Several implementations of the Metaphone phonetic algorithm [C, I4GL, MISC] Download View
metrics_4gl Computes several metrics for I4GL source files [I4GL, MISC, PERL] Download View
misql Alternative to isql/dbaccess, including simple forms [DBA, I4GL, ISQL, MISC] Download View
mkfinderr Creates unload file of first lines of all Informix error messages for use in a table accessible via SPL [KSH, MISC, SPL] Download View
mkproc Creates procedures from SQL statements in files [C, ESQLC, ISQL, MISC] Download View
mkshar Makes shell archives ("shar's") [MISC, SH] Download View
movetab Allows moving tables between Informix instances without having to turn off logging [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
myexport Replacements for dbexport and dbimport [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC] Download Info
myonpload Command line interface to onpload like sqlunload and sqlreload [DBA, ESQLC, MISC, SQL] Download Info
newupper A version of upper() designed to run faster [MISC, SPL] Download View
ntutils A set of Windows utilities to assist with INFORMIX administrative tasks on Windows [MISC] Download Info
onprocs Shows which stored procedures are being executed [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
pgdump Displays pages of an OnLine database [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
php_pdo_informix PHP PDO driver for IDS (Windows binaries & source) [C, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
qbe_php Provides a method for constructing QBE queries in PHP [MISC, PHP] Download View
ratios.shr_ak Script and SQL to calculate server performance metrics [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC, SQL] Download Info
recreate_er_define_stmts Enterprise Replication - Reverse engineer "cdr define" statements from syscdr [DBA, MISC, SH, SQL] Download Info
ref_load_ord Loading order for tables with referential dependencies [AWK, MISC, SH] Download View
repos_maint Files and scripts used to configure and maintain the IIUG Software Repository [AWK, MISC, SH] Download View
sccstools Collection of tools for working with SCCS [C, MISC, SH] Download View
scriba Tools for documenting and indexing I4GL source files [AWK, I4GL, MISC, SH] Download View
sh_select Example of doing SQL queries from the shell [AWK, ISQL, MISC, SH] Download View
soundex_ius Soundex function for use in with Illustra/Universal Server [C, I4GL, MISC] Download View
soundex_spl Stored procedure to return a 5-position Soundex code [I4GL, MISC, SPL] Download View
sql_yacc SQL parser [C, LEX, MISC, YACC] Download View
sqsl Structured Query Scripting Languge Tool [BISON, DBA, ESQLC, MISC, SQL, YACC] Download Info
termcap_keys Helps determine special key values for termcap entries [C, MISC] Download View
trigger Attaches to the end of a file and spawns processes whenever a key string is added [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
trigger_test Tests triggers and stored procedures from I4GL [DBA, I4GL, MISC, SQL] Download View
tx_split Splits SQL update/delete statements into smaller transaction groups to avoid lock table overflows and long transaction problems [DBA, ESQLC, MISC, SQL] Download Info
unixtimespl Stored procedures that convert seconds to/from datetime values, which is often helpful in Unix environments [MISC, SPL] Download View
upper_spl Methods for upshifting characters in SPL [ISQL, MISC, SPL, SQL] Download View
upshift_spl Methods for upshifting characters in SPL [ISQL, MISC, SPL, SQL] Download View
uque Identifies who's locked on what and what it is that is locked [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download View
ww Wraps long lines in text files without splitting words [AWK, MISC, SH] Download View

Multi-File Collections

A collection of termcap entries submitted by Informix users and/or taken from public postings on the Net. In most cases, these entries work correctly in the specific environment for which they were developed. However, they have been accumulated here without testing or editing, so of course "your mileage may vary."

The entries are divided into files based loosely on the actual and/or emulated equipment which they support. This categorization is somewhat arbitrary, and is designed mainly to help decide if a new entry is already in the archive. There is some overlap of entries; e. g., entries for Wyse terminals emulating DEC VT100's appear in the files for both "Wyse" and "VTxxx" groups. [MISC]
INDEX    Download View
Altos    Download View
ANSI    Download View
ATT    Download View
HP    Download View
IBM    Download View
Intergraph    Download View
Motorola    Download View
Sequent    Download View
Sun    Download View
VTxxx    Download View
Wyse    Download View
xterm    Download View

Other Sources for Software

This section contains links to other sources for software. To be listed in this section, software must be of broad applicability in an Informix enviroment, such as database development and management utilities or general purpose end-user tools. It must also be open source or freeware, or must have a free demo or evaluation version available.

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