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DBA - Database Administration Utilities

Individual Files

alarm Monitors warnings, errors, and online status of databases [DBA, PERL] Download View
alarm_space Specialized versions of the Informix alarm and evidence shell scripts, plus a script that warns if dbspace is running low, plus 4 other admin scripts [DBA, KSH] Download Info
analyse_idx Interactive program that gives information on indexes [DBA, I4GL] Download View
arch2disk Archives an OnLine database to disk [DBA, SH] Download View
arch_hp_tape Archives an OnLine database to an HP shuttle tape drive [DBA, SH] Download View
auto_ontape Runs ontape unattended for multi-tape backup [DBA, SH] Download View
bloqueos script for view and kill users using a table [AWK, DBA, SQL] Download Info
chkinstall Checks for and optionally fixes Informix installation errors [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
chklock-1.2 Reports locks on an SE database [C, DBA] Download Info
ckfls Reports files in $INFORMIXDIR with incorrect permissions [DBA, SH] Download View
cmp_row Checks the consistency of rows in an Informix Enterprise Replication configuration [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
copy_spaces Converts onstat -d commands into onspaces commands [DBA, SH] Download View
db_ontape Runs ontape [DBA, PERL, SH] Download View
dbalter Alters one database to be like another [DBA, ISQLPERL] Download View
dbamenu Menu-driven DBA utility script [AWK, DBA, KSH] Download View
dbamon Monitors OnLine engine performance [DBA, SH] Download View
dbdiff2 Generates SQL that alters one database to be like another. UPDATED! Contains a new version created by David Williams. [DBA, I4GL] Download View
dbinfo_lk Displays INFO statement output [AWK, DBA, SQL] Download View
dbldfmt Converts a fixed-field-length file to LOAD format [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
dbmon_pm Database monitoring utility scripts [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
dbping Simple timing to see if your database connection is up [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
dbps merges the output of onstat -g ses with ps -f (ie not Berkeley) [DBA, PERL] Download Info
dbref Analyzes referential integrity & builds (un)load scripts [DBA, I4GL] Download View
dbsh Splits dbschema output into a set of files [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
dbspace_pages Reports unused space in all dbspaces [DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
dbspace_space Reports unused space in all dbspaces [DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
dbtop Quick real-time resource monitor for Informix database servers, similar to the Unix 'top' command. [DBA, PERL] Download Info
dbweb-1.0.3 Web based database interrogator and remote monitor [C, DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
ddhash_stats Calculate DD_HASHSIZE and DD_HASHMAX [C, DBA] Download Info
defrag_table Defragments tables [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download View
deinstall Uninstalls and removes Informix software products [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
disk_struct Displays the disk structure for the current instance [DBA, I4GL, SH] Download View
dm Shows summary of output from various onstat commands [DBA, ESQLC] Download View
dup-auth Generates SQL to grant or revoke existing table and column privileges [DBA, KSH, SQL] Download View
dup_spaces Produces onspaces commands to replicate dbspaces, chunks, temp spaces and blob spaces [AWK, DBA, KSH] Download View
entropymap Dirty bit of 4GL to display extent entropy in a dbspace as html [DBA, I4GL, MISC] Download Info
errmsgtbl Creates a database table of Informix error messages [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
extent_report Reports extent size and usage info [DBA, PERL] Download View
extentsize Calculates extent sizing for a table [DBA, SH] Download View
find_tmp_tbls Lists temp tables per session in an instance using onstat [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC] Download Info
format_ps Formats the output of ps -el, shows in a tree-like format who started what - oninit processes are shown as owning shm segments (IDS not XPS) [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
fragments.shar Details on every tablespace (including fragments ) on a server [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC] Download Info
idbb Automatic Informix database back-up utility [DBA, SH] Download View
idstools A collection of numerous tools for I4GL and ESQL/C development, and database administration of IDS [AWK, C, DBA, ESQLC, I4GL, MISC, SH] Download Info
ifmx_user Counts the number of concurrent Informix users (sessions) [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
ifx_xferdb Import a database (across platforms) using External tables and PIPES [DBA, KSH] Download Info
indexSizeEstimating EXCEL spreadsheet to estimate the size of a new index [DBA, KSH] Download Info
infmx2html Creates Web pages describing one or more databases [DBA, I4GL] Download View
infotable Gives comprehensive information about a table similar to Oracle's "describe" command [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
isextract Unloads data from C-ISAM files [C, DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
JLoader load / unload via jdbc, BLOB handling incomplete [DBA, JAVA] Download Info
killidle Monitors and kills idle processes [AWK, DBA, MISC] Download View
linkpath LINKPATH is a program that lets you check the security of the path leading to $INFORMIXDIR, or indeed for any file or directory. [C, DBA] Download Info
listtabchunk a tool which will print all tables/indexes residing in a chunk [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
lockrep Reports tables locked by users [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
lockwt Reports user sessions holding locks and any sessions waiting for those locks to be released [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
logcheck Reads log numbers from logical log tapes [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
logs Real-time HDR replication monitor for Informix database servers. [DBA, PERL] Download Info
long2time Converts an ER timestamp into display format [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
lwt_install Windows embedability tool to deploy pre-configured IDS instances [C, DBA, MISC] Download Info
master_event.plx This program will monitor all event's reported by the Informix Engine. [DBA, PERL] Download View
maxextents Determines total number of extents for a table [C, DBA, JAVA] Download View
mbp_ontape Utilities for unattended backup of database and logs to disk [DBA, KSH, SH] Download View
misql Alternative to isql/dbaccess, including simple forms [DBA, I4GL, ISQL, MISC] Download View
mkupdstats SQL script that generates recommended UPDATE STATISTICS commands [DBA, SQL] Download View
mon_buffer Reports buffer utilization [AWK, DBA, KSH] Download View
monitor Database that holds historical and performance data on all tables [DBA, KSH, SQL] Download Info
monitor_space Monitors dbspaces for level of fullness [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
movetab Allows moving tables between Informix instances without having to turn off logging [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
myexport Replacements for dbexport and dbimport [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC] Download Info
myonpload Command line interface to onpload like sqlunload and sqlreload [DBA, ESQLC, MISC, SQL] Download Info
on_to_unload Reads arcunload or single-table onunload output [AWK, C, DBA] Download View
ondd.ksh This script provides serial or parallel data streams in conjunction with the HPL to move data between versions 7, 8, and 9 instances. [DBA, KSH, LSDW] Download Info
onlsize Reports sizes of OnLine databases [DBA, PERL] Download View
OnManager An administration utility to monitor server, user sessions, manage disk space, grant and limit access to databases [C, DBA, ESQLC, SQL] Download Info
onprocs Shows which stored procedures are being executed [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
onstat_rau_ur Computes read ahead utilization and bufwait ratios from onstat -p [AWK, DBA] Download View
onsts Display sql for active sessions [DBA, PERL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_aix The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for AIX [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_dec The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for DIGITAL UNIX [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_hp The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for HP-UX [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_lin The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for LINUX [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_sol The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for SOLARIS [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
orclproc Oracle function equivalents as stored procedures [DBA, ISQL, SPL] Download View
partitions Lists table info like extents and pages in partitions [AWK, DBA, KSH, SQL] Download View
partn Decodes partnum column in onstat commands and adds "database:owner.table[#index][%fragpart][,fragdbs]" to stdout [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
pgdump Displays pages of an OnLine database [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
pres_ext Creates SQL script to preserve OnLine extents [DBA, SH] Download View
privproc Reports privileges for Stored Procedures [ACE, DBA, ISQL] Download View
ratios Calculates Read-ahead utilization, Bufwaits and Buffer Turnover ratios [DBA, PERL] Download View
ratios.shr_ak Script and SQL to calculate server performance metrics [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC, SQL] Download Info
recreate_er_define_stmts Enterprise Replication - Reverse engineer "cdr define" statements from syscdr [DBA, MISC, SH, SQL] Download Info
rehex Reformats hexadecimal numbers from onstat commands. [C, DBA] Download Info
reorg_pl Reorganizes an entire database or single table [DBA, PERL] Download View
rix-0.4 This is a program that allows you to run the onstats against remote hosts, or, if you run multiple instances on one machine, then is sorts your environment. [C, DBA] Download Info
save_idx Saves and recreate indexes [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
schemadiff Compares 2 schemas, described in _Tech_Notes_ v5,i3 [C, DBA] Download View
seqscan Monitors sequential scans using "onstat -g ppf" [AWK, DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
set_index This script sets the object mode of contraints and indexes on a table(s) either ENABLED or DISABLED. [DBA, KSH] Download Info
setixd Tools for Working with Multiple INFORMIXDIRs [C, DBA, SH, SQL] Download Info
size9 Script to size databases, esp v9 [DBA, SPL, SQL] Download Info
space_usage Reports table space usage in an OnLine database [C, DBA, I4GL] Download View
spsl Stored procedure that shows who owns locks on a table [DBA, SPL] Download View
sqlrun32 Win32 executable to process SQL on a remote Informix server [DBA, ISQL] Download Info
sqsl Structured Query Scripting Languge Tool [BISON, DBA, ESQLC, MISC, SQL, YACC] Download Info
su_ontape Does an su to user "informix", then runs ontape [C, DBA] Download View
sysmast_sql SQL scripts to be used with the sysmaster database [DBA, ISQL, SQL] Download View
tab_col_frm Table/column information screen file [DBA, SPERFORM] Download View
table-iostats Displays I/O counts for each tblspace [AWK, DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
tbheader Prints header information from an Informix back-up tape [C, DBA] Download View
tbrpt Combines several tbstat options into one report [AWK, DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
temptab Generates information about temporary tables [DBA, I4GL] Download View
temptab.pl A perl version of temptab [DBA, PERL] Download Info
topdb Monitors database activity using onstat similar to Unix top command [AWK, DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
trigger Attaches to the end of a file and spawns processes whenever a key string is added [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
trigger_test Tests triggers and stored procedures from I4GL [DBA, I4GL, MISC, SQL] Download View
tx_split Splits SQL update/delete statements into smaller transaction groups to avoid lock table overflows and long transaction problems [DBA, ESQLC, MISC, SQL] Download Info
undelete Undelete rows via decoding onlog listing [DBA, PERL] Download Info
unused_space Reports remaining space in currently used volumes [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
updstats_fn SHELL scripts to update statistics [DBA, KSH] Download Info
upd_stats Collection of utilities that generate optimal update statistics statements and perform other Informix and Unix functions [DBA, PERL] Download Info
upd_stats_rt Generate and perform UPDATE STATISTICS on Informix tables [DBA, PERL] Download Info
uque Identifies who's locked on what and what it is that is locked [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download View
utils_ak Database administration scripts and programs [AWK, DBA, ESQLC, SH] Download View
utils2_ak Database administration programs and utilities [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
utils3_ak Event alarm handler program and script [C, DBA, KSH] Download View
utils4_ak Scripts to process dbschema or myschema (utils2_ak) output [AWK, DBA] Download View
utils_jl Database administration utility package [C, DBA, SH] Download View
utils_sp Database administration scripts and programs [C, DBA, I4GL, PERL] Download View
who_access Determines who is accessing or locking a table [AWK, DBA, KSH, SQL] Download View
xtbload X application that displays OnLine status similar to xload [C, DBA] Download View

Other Sources for Software

This section contains links to other sources for software. To be listed in this section, software must be of broad applicability in an Informix enviroment, such as database development and management utilities or general purpose end-user tools. It must also be open source or freeware, or must have a free demo or evaluation version available.

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