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About the Software Repository

These pages allow you to access the IIUG Software Repository and other Informix-related archives on the Net.

Quick Links:

There are several ways to locate files in the Repository. If you know the name or category of software in which you are interested, you may use the Index that lists the files grouped into general categories. Some files may appear in more than one category.

From the index, you may either download a file that you want from the IIUG FTP archive to your local system, or view it directly using your browser. To download a file via FTP to your local system, click on the [Download] link displayed beside the file name. Note that most files in the FTP archive have been compressed using compress or gzip. To view a file directly from your browser, click on the [View] link next to the file name.

Instead of using the indexes, you may ask this Web server to conduct a Full Context Search of the Repository. This facility will perform a case insensitive substring search on each file in the Repository. It will then display a list of files that contained the search key, along with the lines from each file where matches occurred. You may then view each file from your browser by linking to it from the summary listing.

Some software packages provided via IIUG are available via special condition or instruction. These packages are available in the Special Software section. Please read and heed the warnings, notices, and special instructions r agreements with each package.

If you have some code, a script or a software package to add to the Repository, please see the submission instructions.

See the Tems of Use regarding all files located in or referenced by this Repository.

Click to view the index or search the Repository.

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