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Click on these links to add them to your news reader. As we get more resources, they will appear here.  If you have a great link you want our members to know about please let us know.
comp.databases.informix USENET discussion group. Available through most news servers, without a user id, however, your ISP will have to have a news server in order for you to access it, and most ISP's will require you to have a dial-up account in ordert to get to their news server.  More information on c.d.i is available at the IIUG web site.
Informix's Developer Network.  Note: You will have to access Informix Developer's Network at www.informix.com/idn/  and set up an ID before using the newsgroups.  Several groups are available by visiting the appropriate area at IDN.  Two links are provided here, but there are others you will find by visiting Informix's site.
www.informix.com Informix Software
Informix In The News
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