The SFIUG is a group of people in Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding area who meet with the common interest in Informix Software products and services. 

We are made up of Informix developers, data base administrators, end-users, Informix customers, managers, and anyone else interested in Informix software.

Our only restriction when we meet is that there is no recruiting by employers or recruiting companies at a meeting.  These kinds of companies are discouraged from attending if their sole purpose is to meet to acquire new talent.  Our focus at a meeting is on Informix products and services, not a job fair, unless of course this was the intent of the meeting.  If this kind of meeting is set up, we will of course encourage recruits and recruiters to attend with this kind of focus.

What We Do

The SFIUG is a participating member of the International Informix User Groups (IIUG), a collective body of Informix User Groups throughout the world who leverage the power of their membership with others to lobby Informix for a variety of requests.  More information on the IIUG can be found by clicking your mouse on the IIUG links shown here. 

One of the more recent accomplishments of this collective effort was the porting of Informix Dynamic Server to Linux, and the renewal of Informix 4GL.  User demand allowed Informix to make the business case for these and other important product releases and changes.  If you participate in this group, you are afforded a voice in what we do along with Informix users around the world.

Where We Meet

The SFIUG has been meeting at the Westin Hotel, off of Cypress Creek Road and I-95, in north Ft. Lauderdale.  We will probably confirm any new meetings, times, and locations with either an email notification or postal mailing or both.
Map 1 Map2
Click on these maps for a full size map.  The Westin Hotel is EAST of I-95.  If you come from south of Cypress Creek Rd, heading north, you need to make a RIGHT TURN.  If you come from north of Cypress Creek Rd, you need to make a LEFT.  The Westin Hotel is on the NORTH side of Cypress Creek Rd.  You can see it from I-95.  Cypress Creek Road is NORTH of Commercial Blvd, and SOUTH of Atlantic.

When We Meet And Do

We have our meetings usually bi-monthly, and send out notification via email and postal flyer. 

Why We Meet And Do

Attending a user group meeting, or participating in our activities, and being a member gives you the following benefits: 

When we meet 

  • Affords you an opportunity to find out the latest information in products first-hand when we have Informix company representatives attending
  • Allows you to make contact with other computer professionals who use Informix products at all levels
  • Make new friends!
  • Learn new things about Informix products and also learn from others who attend the meetings.
Participation in our activities 
  • Leverage the power of user group collective bargaining through our local user group and the IIUG
  • Discounts on the annual Informix conferences
  • Expanding your possibilities with Informix products and services
  • Knowledge base to help you become better equipped with Informix products
  • Community with other computer professionals who use Informix
  • Discounts on Informix Conferences
  • Training and Education in Informix products

How To Join

You can become a member of our group simply by notifying us via email, or when you attend one of our meetings. We do not exclude anyone outside or inside the Ft. Lauderdale area from being a member, but will strongly discourage and even prohibit recruiters from becoming members for the express purpose of recruiting people for contract and employment opportunities.