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Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition [aka Informix Warehouse Appliance] 
Informix Genero

MEETING: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

11:45 AM – 3:00 PM [11:30 AM Sign in and lunch]
IBM - Costa Mesa Facility, 600 Anton Blvd., Room 213,
Costa Mesa, CA. 92626

It is time for another Informix User Group meeting.  Mark your calendars now and e-mail your RSVP for The Southern California Informix User Group’s two  fantastic action packed sessions on Wednesday, June 22, 2011. 

Mr. Rajesh Nair of IBM will be making both presentations.  Mr. Nair is the IBM technical product manager for IDS.

With the IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition, an offering designed to dramatically accelerate analytic queries, customers can realize significant performance gains without requiring changes to business applications. Built upon the Informix Ultimate Edition, this edition includes the Informix Warehouse Accelerator that leverages a deep columnar approach to accelerate queries up to 100 times, and often more. Warehouse costs are lowered even further since no database tuning is required. Customers can also realize up to 80% disk savings on their warehouse with the compression functionality that is included in this edition.

Informix Genero is a 4GL application development environment for the new generation of mobile and cloud-based applications. Informix Genero allows you to develop applications between 5 and 10 time faster than before. It includes reusable frameworks for developing applications that work across multiple desktop, mobile, or cloud-based user platforms. You can write single source code for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Java, browsers, mobile devices, and ASCII devices. Using a single graphical environment to develop once for all platforms makes development and testing much easier and faster.  Informix Genero also offers an easy way to modernize a “green screen” 4GL application.


Neil Williams, our SCIUG Liaison with IBM, and a Software IT Specialist at IBM, and Tom Rieger, a member of the Informix SWAT Team will also be present for current updates on Informix.  Are you wondering about what is the “Informix Swat Team”?  It is a group of dedicated sales people from around the world who ONLY sell, promote and deal with Informix


RSVP now and don’t miss out on:

  • Hear the latest and greatest about the Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition with the Informix Warehouse Accelerator
  • Take your applications mobile and make them cloud-based  
  • Find out what is currently happing with Informix products and IBM
  • Network with your industry peers
  • Free lunch [at 11:30 Noon], and door prizes


So, mark you calendars and get ready for a full afternoon of presentations by outstanding speakers.    Do not miss these valuable and informative presentations.  You will also receive a free lunch [at 11:30 AM], and the opportunity to win a door prize.  

The conference room and refreshments, [yes, free food again], are being provided by IBM.  Mark your calendars and RSVP now.  Pass around this announcement to your co-workers and industry peers.


Please RSVP now with your name and the names of any guests to sciug@iiug.org